Monday, November 9, 2015

Finding the Peace

Oiiiihhh! Que ondas pues familia!?

It’s been... well, a week since I last wrote you all! We had a good week and even though it’s still been a little hard on the investigator side of things, I’m a happy camper as Mom would say! So this week we were able to find a bunch of new people to teach and I have been able to help all the new gringos in the zone so that’s been a blast. Overall it was a pretty quality time, so here is some of what went down...

First of all we had the miracle of finding 16 extremely positive people this week as my comp and I worked super hard to find new people to teach. The biggest miracle was that Sunday night I was really depressed because the day just went horrible and I felt like we weren’t doing anything right in our my comp and I are just talking about the day and how we had literally spent the entire day on our feet instead of visiting people. So I’m just like man, I literally have no idea what to do.. and he just shrugs his shoulders but then looks over at me and sees a girl outside that he had helped baptize in his old area... so we cross the street to go talk to her and she’s just insanely happy... Turns out she had been talking to a work friend about the church and then decided on Sunday to go visit her. So she had just gotten done visiting this family when we found her with the family.. if that makes sense. So she had been telling the work friend she could call missionaries to come visit her and then we just came around the corner and saw them! Hopefully that all makes sense but ya, it was a miracle and now tomorrow we are gonna go out to visit them!

Another awesome thing was that today we had a giant football (soccer) tournament with our zone against Zone Modelo. It was sweet because we played on a new turf field they just built and we were able to play with our Stake President that is a total boss. Needless to say we won and I’m now totally red because I forgot to put sunscreen on, haha.

So for some reason random kids here just literally hate me and I have no idea why...a few weeks ago it was a Coke can and this week it was with a coke bottle… I’m just walking down the street with my comp and we decided to contact this family we saw, so we start talking to them and all of a sudden their like 4 year old son get this super angry face and starts hitting me as hard as he can with a Coke bottle. The problem was he is really short, and hit me... well, were it counts. I’m like ready to collapse on the ground, my comp’s about dead of laughing so hard and the Mom is hitting her kid as a punishment. It was great, haha!

Last thing for this week is that I was reading in Jesus the Christ and I have finally got to the part about his death and how all of that took place. As I was reading that part last Thursday I had moved my seat out side of the house just to enjoy the fresh air and it was just so peaceful. I started reading and learned about how they whipped Christ and that they put small pieces of rock and bone to make the whip rip off more skin... then I started reading about how they would pound nails in the bones and that the nerves they would penetrate were the most sensitive possible and that it was the most horrific death possible known at the time. I just wanted to cry sitting there having to read all that. I sat there for a good time thinking and I just felt so much love and peace thinking about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Even though it’s hard to read things like that, it makes me know, without a single doubt, that my Heavenly Father loves me. He sent his son as a sacrifice for ME. And because of all that, I can change. I can become a better person. And one day I can become like Him. What a blessing it truly is to take that message to everyone as a missionary!

Well fam, GTG for now but have a happy week and go do some missionary work! Especially you Elder Crump #2 haha Love ya all!

Elder Crump #1

His companion when they don't agree on their planning :0)


Elder Crump

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