Monday, November 17, 2014

Another week in well...Paradise I suppose.

         Howdy Family, how are things crackin’ back up in USA where you guys will all be stuffing your faces with turkey this week!? Can’t say I’m at least a little jealous! But don’t you worry, I will be thoroughly enjoying my beans, rice and tortillas, as always down here! Things went pretty well this week. My companion and I have started working together a lot more and we have taught some really great lessons this week as well. Here is some of the stuff that happened this week....

- This week I was reading in Preach My Gospel about spiritual experiences that we have in life and the importance of them. In the beginning of the mission I kind of expected to have a plethora of super sweet spiritual experiences for some reason. But this past week I read in Preach My Gospel that we aren’t going to have a ton of strong spiritual experiences in our life, thus we have to cherish the ones we have a press forward in faith. I really liked that. I feel like almost everyone has had a decent amount of awesome spiritual experiences in their life, but obviously everyone always wants more. In reality though, we need to be content with what the Lord has given to us and keep going!

-My companion and I have started to get a long sooo much better now and it’s really helped me be a lot happier. We still have disagreements and stuff but the majority of the time things are cool. It’s insane when I look back a month ago at how sad I was. Because I really felt terrible. But in the short time of 4 weeks things are so much better and I have learned a whole bunch. God definitely knows what we are capable of going through.

- We had interchanges this week with Elder Ortiz so I was in charge of the day. Usually this isn’t too much of a problem but this time was a little rough. The last lesson of the day we went and taught this member named Karen. She was baptized a little over a year ago and is married to a guy that is a member as well. At the current moment she is just dying to go to the temple and get sealed to her husband but her husband right now is less active. So we went to see how she was and she just instantly starts bawling her eyes out when we got there and is just mumbling a whole bunch of random stuff. She explained that she’s on the verge of separation from her husband. He won’t forgive her of her past mistakes and a whole bunch of other nice things. So there I am, in charge of our lesson, still can’t speak amazing Spanish and need to give this lady the advice she needs. Like literally I’m a marriage counselor, counseling on something that is for eternity, in a language I can’t even speak. Boy was it a fun experience. Overall it ended up ok and I was able to help her sort out her feelings and make a plan on what to do. It was cool stuff but definitely really hard. I’m now 100 percent sure that marriage counseling is not my future profession!

-This past Sunday we arrived at the Sunday school class we usually attend and the teacher wasn’t there. So, who’s automatically in charge of the class? The missionaries of course! My companion and I proceeded to teach an hour-long lesson for like 35 people in Spanish without preparation…and I thought teaching my buddies back at home for 15 minutes in Sunday school class hard!

-Yesterday I had the pleasure of eating chicken feet for the first time. It was, to be honest, terrible. The guy scooped up 6 nice chicken feet onto my plate and I about puked. But of course I ate every last one of them. I am practically positive that the next time I have to eat them, I will be on the next flight for the USA. Yuck!!

That’s about all for the week. Times are just a flying by down here. Every night I arrive at the house more tired than I ever thought imaginable but it’s all good! Such is the mission life! Hope you guys have a great week! Love ya

Elder Crump
One of Matthew's areas.

An attempt at the Angel Moroni.  I believe the trumpet is a plant leaf.

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