Monday, November 3, 2014

The Never Ending Quest for Happiness...

Well another week down! This week was pretty great. 

We didn’t have the best numbers but we still taught some real quality lessons, so that’s good. We seriously walk so much now because we are visiting like four different cities. I imagined that I would be walking a bunch before my mission but I seriously didn’t think it would be this much, to be honest haha. It’s all good though! At least every night when I go to bed I fall asleep within literally two minutes. So that’s good. We had a baptismal date fall so that was sad, but we are pretty sure it will happen next week instead. Here’s a list of random things from the week.

- The testimony meetings here are sooo different than those in the states. The bishop starts to say "the time is now yours till five after the hour" and it’s literally like a massive wave of people flocking to the pulpit to bear their testimony. The meeting then lasts like almost two hours, no joke. Cool stuff.

- I got a little mad at my companion this week for using my towel and eating a box of my cereal and it was crazy the effect it had on us the rest of the day. My companion just said it wasn’t him that used the stuff and such but I was still kinda frustrated when we left for the day. Our first lesson was total trash and after that we gave a sister in the ward a blessing and you could just feel the power not in the room. After that we talked it out and it was unreal to see the difference in the spirit when we didn’t have any more contention. It really made me realize the importance of loving my comp.

- In 2 Nephi 2:1-5 it talks about how Lehi tells his son, Jacob, sorry for all the tribulation he has had in the wilderness but how he knows it’s all for his benefit and that he will appreciate it later. The scripture really helped me a lot.

- So this week as I have been going about normal missionary life and I thought a lot about something one of my sister’s friends wrote about in his email home. He is serving in Brazil. He called it “The eternal search for happiness”, and it really hit me this week exactly what he meant when he sent it. This week has gone a lot better with my comp and our lessons and stuff but I still have had the attitude of more enduring the mission instead of enjoying it. Every day I just say, ‘Oh the next change will be a lot better than this one and so I just need to endure this one and the next will be a lot better.’ This is exactly what my sister’s friend wrote in his email. Throughout life we always have this hope that the next step in our lives will be better and that the part we are living right now will end shortly. On the mission we just endure, because life will be better at college. In college we just endure, because it will be better when we are married. When we are married we just endure because it will be better when we have kids. When we have little kids we just endure it because it will get better when we have grown up kids and so on and so forth. In life we always think the next step will be better when, really, we need to learn to live in the moment and enjoy the things we have been blessed with right now. So this is my goal for the week and my challenge for you guys. Live in the moment and be happy. Sure you might think there are better things on the horizon, but for now enjoy the things you have.

That’s about it for the week. Hopefully everything goes well for you guys. I’m always praying for you all. Have a great week!!

Elder Crump
Overlooking one of his areas.
Yep, that's a volcano in the background.

Along the jungle path.

A beautiful soccer field.

Preaching the Gospel - Samuel the Lamanite style.

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