Monday, February 16, 2015

The Never Ending Fight Against Evil

Another week down and out here! We finished the change this week and it’s crazy to think I have been training my son for 6 weeks now. We have had some real rough times but overall it has been a good change and I have learned a ton. We were able to put three dates this week so that really helped lift our spirits and I’m excited to have another change here in Nahuizalco. Here are some of the things that happened this week...

So last Monday we had one of the most beautiful lessons I have had so far with a guy we are teaching that has some problems with alcohol. We brought him to the house of a member family that’s super pilas and just had a lesson so full of the Spirit it was awesome. We walked the guy home afterward and I just was so happy and felt so good because the guy, José, couldn’t stop talking about the spirit he felt and the pure joy that he had. It made me think a lot about the promise of joy we have in our mission calls.... Well, here comes the sad part of the story, José had a date to be baptized last Sunday and everything was going to work out perfectly, but then he caved into the bad friends he has and got super drunk on Friday. The sadness I felt when we found him drunk was just the worst. I was so happy for him and his progress and then he fell. We are still working with him and I know he can overcome his addiction, it’s just rough seeing him so sad and helpless. BUT it was a great reminder for me about how we really will feel this pure joy that it describes in our mission calls!
This week we found a guy named Marlon that has almost read the entire Book of Mormon and still isn’t baptized. For me this is just crazy, haha, so I’m like ‘Bro, why the heck aren’t you a member if you have read so much of the BofM??’ and he’s just like ‘Well I started reading it, loved it so continued reading until I was almost done, but then I looked on the internet one day about the BofM and found a lot of stuff that makes it totally obvious that the whole book is just a fantasy story.’ And I just like wanted to start crying because I was so sad for him. This week we have plans to watch some movies with him about the BofM and stuff but it really hit me that we need to have a testimony strong enough so when we do find that kind of stuff we have the spiritual power to push it away. This is why it’s SO important that we are reading the BofM every single day without fail. The one day we don’t read will be the day Satan attacks us, and that’s when all the doubts starting coming. So family, just please, read the BofM!

We have been preparing three people for baptism these days and there is one girl that is already enrolled in Seminary, in chap 13 of first Nephi, has memorized 6 articles of faith and wants to be a missionary. It’s the coolest thing in the world. It literally just makes me so happy every time I go to visit them because she will say something like, ‘Hey I read this in the BofM this week or hey can I tell you the 13th article of faith because I just memorized it.’ It’s the little joys of seeing people progress like that, that makes all the rejections worth it.
I don’t have any more time this week but I love you guys so much and am so grateful to have such a loving and supportive family! It’s insane that the four of you guys will be all together in just a bit! Have a fabulous week!

Elder Crump
In front of Volcano Izalco that he sees every day.

One of Matthew's friends from Zona Nahuizalco
that is being transferred, Elder Martinez.

The Zona Nahuizalco eating pupusas at
a newly baptized family's house.

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