Monday, February 23, 2015

Blessings from the Blessed...

         Another week down and out family! It literally blows my mind away that Cam will get home this week. She’s been such an amazing example to me in every little way as a missionary and I’m so grateful to have her as a sister. I would be no where near the person I am today without her in my life and it motivates me so much reading about the many things she has done in Argentina. Her faith, dedication and love for the people is unreal and I would give anything to be the missionary she is... and well, was, haha. But for reals, I love you so, so much Cam! Enjoy the family! I’ll be back soon enough!

         This week was a crazy one. We had changes so all the zone is new practically. It’s helped us a lot to have some changes to help motivate us though. I went to Santa Ana twice this week for back appointments. My back has been hurting me a ton at night and I was hoping to get it fixed but both times I went I wasn’t ready because I didn’t take the right pills or I wasn’t fasting. Why I need to fast to take an x ray who knows, but yup! It was exhausting because we wake up at four in the morning to get to Santa Ana in time and so this whole week I’ve just been wiped out but at least I’ve made it to another Pday just fine!

         Another Elder in the Zone gave me a disc of like 70 Mormon Messages and we found one that is called ‘El Valor de la Misión’. It was literally so perfect for my companion. We were super sad because we haven’t baptized all change, have found over 75 new investigators but not 1 has progressed and we were just a little frustrated. So we sat down and happened upon this video. It talks about preparation for the mission but it really had such a strong effect on me and I was just thinking about my bro the whole time. A lot of time I just push on because I want to give him a good example and I hope and pray every day everything will go well for him on the mission and that he can prepare now to have the time of his life. It was just the perfect little spiritual boost I needed to have a good day.

         On Thursday we were teaching Diana, the only investigator that is working on getting baptized right now, and we watched the video called ¨Gracias A El¨. I have literally seen this video like a thousand times with all the investigators that we have but for some reason this time it just moved me so, so much. The spirit was so strong in the room before we started watching the movie and I know that that’s what made the difference. There’s a part when it shows Christ appearing to Mary in the tomb and says HE LIVES. It was just like a wall of spiritual happiness that hit me and I’m sure everyone else too. I KNOW that my Redeemer lives family. And boy is it such a blessing to know that. If you can you should go watch the video. It’s sweet!

         So the best experience that I had this week included Hna Blanca that I baptized in January. She lives in Pushtán with her 8 kids and is the poorest person I have ever met, without a doubt. The family lives on nothing but super old corn tortillas and some chicken legs like every day. It makes me so sad every time I visit them because they really just have like no money at all. Her baby has been super sick and almost died because they don’t have the medicine to pay for his hospital bills. So this past week we taught her about tithing and I’m just like, “Look Hna, if you pay your tithing you will be so blessed and NEVER go hungry.” So she’s just like “OK, I’ll pay my tithing then.” So that was two Fridays ago. So then last Tuesday the Bishop’s wife calls me Tuesday and is like “Hey I need your help to carry a ton of food from the local food store to the house of Hna Blanca.” I was like super surprised and couldn’t understand what happened. So I went to the food store and sure enough there was a TON of food for Hna Blanca. Like we are talking a whole butt load of food people. I have no clue how the Bishop’s wife was able to do it but it was such a huge blessing for Hna Blanca and her family. The smile on her face when she saw all the food was one of the most precious things I have ever seen and it made me so, so happy. I had to carry a bag of food, easily 50 pounds, like 2 miles up and down mountains to her house but I didn’t even care. It was such an amazing experience for her and her family. I know because of the sole reason that she was WILLING to pay her tithing, even if she hadn’t paid it yet, helped her receive the blessing she did. This past Sunday she paid her two dollars of tithing which I know was insanely hard because the 20 dollars she gets is to feed 8 people for 14 days practically. It really ended up being a blessing for me seeing the miracles that take place here on the mission.

         That’s all I have time for this week but love you fam! I’m so jealous that all 4 of you guys will be together this week! Just like 2.5 years and we will all 5 be together once again! Keep it real!

Elder Crump

Is that a happy face on that boy?

Another pair of shoes down the tubes! That's two already :0(

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