Monday, March 2, 2015

Choose Wisely

The very fact that the rest of the family is now together and I’m the loner out here in El Salvador just blows my mind. The Welcome Home picture did make me just a tad baggy but I’ll be ok, haha! Hopefully everything goes well for ya Sista. I’m sure it’s beyond different for ya right now but I’ll be praying for you! This week was crazy, so here’s a little of what went down...

Last Tuesday we had our zone meeting and I had an experience super powerful. We always do a lot of practices to help us, so two elders that both have a ton of time in the mission were chosen to show us how to invite to baptism with date and stuff. So they chose me as the fake investigator and started their 5-minute lesson. I just sat there and started listening a little but not taking it very serious because it was just a practice. But once the two elders got going I was totally captivated. They bore such powerful testimonies and read the perfect scriptures for how I responded to their questions. I could literally feel the love they had for me and the desire they had for my salvation, even though I wasn’t even a real investigator. It left me thinking the entire rest of the day. The whole CCM I always told myself that lessons with people that aren’t real don’t help at all but, boy oh boy, was I wrong. There is power in practices and power in testimonies. That’s for sure. All we have to have is a strong testimony and it doesn’t matter the situation, the spirit will be there.

This week It just really hit me how wrong I was using my cell phone as my scriptures before I came out here. I always loved just carrying my phone around and not worrying about scriptures, but really I can tell you guys from having experience on both sides that every single person should use at least the BofM and Bible in good ole fashion books. Yes it’s awesome using technology for all the manuals and stuff and people should use it, but I really believe there is power in actually carrying the scriptures, marking them and making them your own. So my challenge for you all is if you have a habit of only using a cell phone for your scriptures, you should really consider using at least the scriptures as books, It’s so, so much better. I’ve used both and trust me, the actual pages of the BofM carry something special, so we need to take advantage of it.

This week we found a guy named Daniel that has two brothers that are members but he has always been Catholic and has never had a desire to learn more about the church. He’s rejected countless missionaries and so when we got there and found that out I was just thinking in my mind, ‘Oh this is for sure gonna be a waste of time’, but we decided to teach a lesson to him anyway. So we teach a pretty dang good lesson but then he just flat out tells us, ‘Hey I’m grateful you guys came to visit but I’m totally happy with being Catholic and have no desire to change that. Thanks.’ So, I’m just like in my mind, ’Knew it!!’ But we decided to bear our testimony before leaving.  My comp started and gave a great one, then I bore my testimony and well... it was pretty sweet too, I think, haha. And the spirit was just so, so strong after that. I then explained to him that our only invitation for him was to read the BofM to see if what we teach is true. All he wanted to do was tell us why the Catholic church was better, but I remembered how in PMG it explains we just need to use the power of the BofM. So we bear testimony of that and he’s like, ‘Ok, I’ll read. Well, long story short, he liked it and went to church on Sunday. He’s still super far from being baptized but it was just awesome to use the two best tools we have to bring others to Christ, the spirit and the BofM.

The last thing I want to tell you guys is that I read the talk called “Choose Wisely” by Elder Cook this last conference. I forgot how awesome the talk was and seriously if there is any male between the ages of 15 and 30 that hasn’t read, marked up and applied this talk they are missing out big time! It’s so sweet and has so many things we need to use in our life to be worthy priesthood holders. So read it.

That’s all I have time for but love you guys so much and have a great week! 

Elder Crump 

With his companion....doing who knows what.

Nahuizalco Zone

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