Monday, March 23, 2015

The end of Nahui? (Nahuizalco is the city I'm in as of today, but things may change this week.)

Howdy Family Crump! It’s always such a joy to write you guys each week! I don’t have much time at all today but I’ll try and let you know a few things that happened...

- So this week ended super rough because we weren’t able to baptize Diego. He lives with his Dad who had told us the whole time that he supported Diego’s decision and everything, but then all of a sudden he’s being a little rough on us and doesn’t want to let Diego be baptized until the 12th so he can supposedly have enough money to buy him a white shirt... Idk, it made me really sad and stuff, but I know everything is in the hands of the Lord so we are just letting things play out as they need to...

- The Fam Bran weren’t able to go to church this week but they are progressing slowly but surely. They are all reading the Book of Mormon and stuff so I’m sure they will be baptized. The only thing is that who knows if I’ll stay in my area for this coming change to be able to baptize them! We will just have to wait and see!

- Every type of chip here that the people eat is like Doritos or Cheetos. Nothing else. Just so you know.

- While being a missionary I’ve literally turned into one of the world’s best marriage counselors. Practically every day I talk to a family that has a million problems but it’s awesome to help them use the gospel in their lives to sort out the problems. Recently we had problems with a family, they started just praying as a family is all, and boom, all their problems are solved! It’s awesome!

- The coolest thing for the week was that we had one of the most powerful kneeling prayers I have ever had in my life. We are teaching a guy named Daniel and it was pouring rain but we told him to pray with us about Joseph Smith after watching the Restoration video and the spirit just rushed into the room.  It was amazing. Spiritual confirmations like that are what make the mission so worth it.

Sorry I don’t have any more time this week, I’ll try and do better next week but hopefully everything is going just fine for you guys. I love you all so, so much and hope you guys always do your best to live the gospel in your life! Have a great week!


Elder Crump


Familia Tadeo & Familia Tesorero, two families we have been teaching a lot and have grown to love as much as my own family.  They are less actives and recent converts but are really starting to see the blessings of living the gospel in their lives!  The people here are some of the most kind and giving people ever!

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