Monday, March 9, 2015

Hooray for Baptisms! :0)

Well another week down and out here in good ole Nahuizalco and this week was definitely one of the most exciting and spiritual ones I have had here! It has really helped me see the vision we need to have as missionaries and how we can help others gain a testimony of the restored gospel... so here are a couple of things that happened...

Friday we had a MultiZona, which means that like half of the zones in the mission all get together and we get some real HQ instruction from President and his wife. It was such a powerful meeting and the spirit was so strong there it was amazing. We are doing a total overhaul of things here on the mission and focusing a ton on finding and baptizing families. Like half of the numbers we report each night is regarding families and it really makes me happy that we are pushing the work towards creating eternal families. So one of the things that is a big rule now is that every single family we see, no matter what or where we are, we talk to them and try to visit them. It’s really been great to start doing and I know we are going to start seeing a difference here in the mission. To end the MultiZona Hna Spjut gave a fantastic talk about being cheerful and why it’s so important to find happiness as missionaries. She used the example of her daughter who just finished serving her mission and showed us some of the letters she would write home. It was insane how positive and happy she was in every single letter. Not a single thing she wrote was negative. It really helped motivate me to work hard but at the same time, just be happy. I get too stressed sometimes and forget how important it is to just be joyful. So that’s something I’m gonna really be working hard to do....

So Saturday was really one of the best days I have had here on the mission... first of all we found a family out in the middle of nowhere but that are so, so positive it’s unreal. The way we were able to find them and everything was so special and a total miracle but I’m gonna write about all of that next week because I don’t have very much time to write this week... so anyway the best part of all on Saturday was the baptism. We were able to baptize two girls we have been teaching and preparing for like 5 weeks, Diana and her sister Daniela. Diana is the girl that received an answer about the Book of Mormon and from there was progressing a lot (see last week’s letter). The actual service was so, so perfect and the spirit was just overwhelming. The young women sang the song, ‘I know when I am baptized’, which I totally love and still remember my sister singing it when we were little. But then the best part was when Diana gave her testimony at the end of the meeting. She gave one of the most powerful testimonies I have heard and it brought me so much joy it’s like literally impossible to describe. She talked about how she read the Book of Mormon and got on her knees and just felt a pure love of Christ.... When she sat down I couldn’t help but have the biggest smile on my face. In our mission calls it talks about how we are promised to have more joy then we have ever felt in our life and Saturday night I definitely saw that promise happen. Just hearing a testimony of a convert gave me so much joy and has helped me push myself even harder to have another experience exactly the same.

I have ZERO doubts that this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and that the work I am doing here in Nahuizalco is the Lord’s work. The Book of Mormon has so much power and the very act of opening the book just brings tons of blessings for us. I’m finally starting to truly love the mission and hearing the first testimony of one of my investigators has helped me to understand that it’s such a blessing I have to bring this gospel to other sons and daughters of God! Have a fabulous week family!

Elder Crump
Daniela & Diana

An actual soccer field Matthew gets to play on when they go to Juayua.

Diana & Daniela's baptism.
Family and the Zone Leaders

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