Monday, March 30, 2015

Bye Bye Nahui Wowhui!

         Well it’s official folks, I’m headed out of Nahuizalco! We got the news this week so I’ll get sent to my new area this Wednesday when we figure everything out about changes and stuff! I’m a little nervous, but really it will be good for me. I’m super sad to leave a bunch of people here in Nahui, especially in Pushtán. The people here are literally so loving and it makes me depressed knowing I will never see them again! But I know there are people waiting for me wherever I end up! So I’ll let you know next week where I go! Meanwhile, here’s a few things real quick that happened this week.
         Well, this week something really sad happened with the Hna Blanca... so on Tuesday we went to see how she had been doing and within like 2 minutes she was just bawling her eyes out.. Well, there are some family things that she’s really sad about... So yeah. It was a rough moment hearing how sad she was and just sitting there with no idea in the world what to say! It’s really so hard for her because she has 7 kids and has like 0 time to work so if she has to support her family it will be real hard.  I’m literally so sad for her and praying for her a ton. So prayers in her behalf would be appreciated. Hardest thing is that I know have to go say bye to her right in the middle of the trial she is having... But luckily she’s been praying and reading the BofM so I know everything will turn out ok in the end.
         Diego is all out for his baptism next week but it’s rough because I won’t be there to see it!
         It’s literally been so hot here it’s unreal. I come home at night dripping sweat and all my clothes are 100 percent soaked. It’s ridiculous!
         So the miracle of the week was that we were able to bring a family from Pushtán to church and they loved it. They are named David and Alicia.  They are recently married, or got together rather, we will have to marry them... but they have the vision which is the greatest thing ever. They understand the necessity of being baptized and get that they need to be progressing to achieve that. I’m like 99% sure they will be baptized next change so that made me really happy this week.
         Also, we contacted a guy that looked super sad in the street last week, he ended up coming to church and now has a date, which is so sick. He has had problems with drinking but hasn’t had a drink in a week and a half so that’s pretty rad. Only bad part... well he lives in the other area of Nahui, come to find out, so we had to pass the reference along.
         Well, that’s like all I have time for but just know everything is going just fine and I’m loving it down here. The days are anything but easy but each night I get home knowing I have helped families progress a little closer to salvation and that makes it all worth it! Hopefully you all have a fantastic week! Love you all so, so much!

Elder Crump

Zona Nahuizalco

With a young man who is preparing to be a missionary.
Matthew is very tall and the future missionary is very short.

Two of Blanca's boys eating mangoes.

Another pday trip to Golondrinera.

With Eliseo and
Nahuizalco in the background.

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