Monday, July 20, 2015

Seeing the Change

Ahh.... Time flies people. I don’t know how it’s possible. Well thanks for all the updates on life back at home. I always love hearing from you guys. Life here in El Salvador. Awesome. Just purely Awesome. Things just get rolling and it’s great to see the work of the Lord here in our branch coming to life. So as always a ton of stuff happened but for this week I think I’ll just tell you about Alfredo and his baptism!

So Saturday afternoon Alfredo was baptized and Sunday in church he got confirmed. It was one quality experience. I found Alfredo three months ago just walking around in an area that we didn’t work much and randomly decided to knock on his door. He has a little store called ¨The Faith¨ and I’m just like, I got nothing to lose! We taught him about baptism, and he’s like sure I will be baptized! So I was super pumped. Well, what I didn’t realize was, there was a lot of work to be done. Alfredo is super shy, doesn’t have a lot of friends and didn’t have a direction in his life at all. There are four major commandments you need to live to be baptized and he wasn’t living a single one of them. So slowly but sure, with coffee, reading the scriptures, buying on Sunday, looking at porn, respecting his mom, he changed. It was so amazing to really see a change in someone. A complete life direction change because of this gospel. All the rest of my converts changed, but not nearly as much as Alfredo. I had wanted to find somebody that I could really make the total difference and Alfredo was definitely that kid. He now has good friends in the church, has a ton more self confidence and, the best part of all, has a super strong testimony of the BofM. When he gave his testimony after his baptism (the best part of every baptismal service). I just felt so content and proud of him. The Lord and his atonement changed him, and now he understands the potential he has as a child of God. Seeing the change in people is the best thing in the world.

So that’s all I want to type this week, haha sorry, I just have a lot to do, but have a happy week fam! Love you all lots!

Elder Crump

Alfredo's baptism (on right in white), Josue, the priest who baptized him
and the young men in the branch.

Matthew, Josue, Alfredo & Elder Chavez

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