Monday, July 27, 2015

1 Year. 1 Mission.


Good to hear from all you guys this week and to know everything is going well. I’m so proud of my amazing bro. Zacho. You are a champ man. I can’t wait to listen to your talk. You are gonna be an awesome missionary. It really is the greatest blessing in the world to represent the Lord and bring others to him. You’ll love it.

So this week was, as always, super chivo, como dicen aqui... and the miracles just never stop coming. Here’s just a few of the things that went down.

First, yesterday in Sacrament meeting I got the blessing to watch my convert bless the sacrament for the first time. Boy, oh boy was is sweet. He was nervous out of his mind and didn’t want to go to church solely because we were gonna make him say the blessing. So we just told him he didn’t have to do it, brought him, and then sat him down in front of the Sacrament table, haha.  He was kinda mad but after a good chat we convinced him to do it. He only messed up once and then said the prayer perfectly fine. I just felt so, so happy for him. He’s like ‘Next week I’m so gonna do it again, and I’m gonna do it perfectly this time!!’

Another sweet thing that happened was that we were blessed to have a cat die in the corner of our house! For like two days we thought it was just sleeping there or something and didn’t give it much thought. But after two days it started to smell terrible so we tried to get it down. Needless to say it had gotten caught in the barbed wire of our house and died there. So when I tried to get it down it was still caught and halfway fell off, which is when I took the picture. So enjoy, haha!

This week Orbelina and Cecilia were able to get their temple recommends and they were just so content holding their little cards when they left the branch president’s office. We had explained how important it was to always have a recommend and now they both are gonna go to the temple next week. They both have already worked with the family history people in the ward and have family members they are going to take to the temple and do the work for them. So sweet.

The last thing of the week is that we were able to put two dates for this weekend. One is with Diego, and I’ll have to talk about him more next week but the other is with Luiz. Luiz has gone to church for two years and every single Elder that comes here tries to baptize him but never can, so when I got here I tried a little, but then realized it just wasn’t gonna work and decided the best thing would be just to be a friend. So the entire time I have been here I just treat him as a friend and not once have taught him a formal lesson. He always goes to seminary and so he understands all the doctrine but just never wanted to get baptized. Well this week he’s just like, ‘Elder Crump, I want you to baptized me. We can do it this weekend.’ Oh it was so sick. I’ll have to tell you more about it next week when I have some time, but for reals the Lord is blessing us so much and I’m so happy to be able to be a missionary!

Love you all so much!

Elder Crump

Only a teenage boy would think this was a cool picture to send home.
My question is; what's the purpose of the barbed wire in the first place?

Matthew loves Elder Chavez.
Nice to see a container of Ajax on the counter :0)

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