Monday, August 3, 2015

Luis, Luis and more Luis

Family. You’re awesome. Zacho. You’re awesome. I can’t believe you are gonna be a missionary bro. It seriously makes me so happy to know you’ll be wearing the same name tag as me in a few days. What a blessing we have to represent the Lord. Enjoy it man!

Well folks, this week was just amazing. On Saturday we were able to baptize Luis and Luis (Diego) and then on Sunday I got to see Luis #3 get the priesthood. It was so awesome! The service went really well for us. The spirit was super strong during the meeting and I felt so happy for them. Luis bore his testimony at the end and he was just standing there crying for like 2 minutes straight. I was just thinking, ‘Nothing except finding the true church upon the earth would make a 16 year old bawl his eyes out in front of all his friends. He knows without a doubt that this is the restored church and that he was baptized by someone who has the authority of God.’ I met Luis the very first day I got here and all his friends are like ‘Don’t even try to teach him, he just doesn’t want anything!’ I’m like, sweet, I won’t even worry about it! Well, I had no idea that 4.5 months later I would be able to baptized Luis. I know the Lord prepares people for us as missionaries and everything, EVERYTHING, happens on his time. Even when we want so badly to baptize people, we need to submit our will to his, and learn the attribute of patience. Seeing Diego get baptized was another miracle as well. He prepared himself so fast and is already reading the BofM a ton. Just seeing the change in people is what makes every sacrifice here worth it!

The other miracle of this week was that I took a hot water shower for the first time in a year, haha!

Last thing is that we were able to put a date with a girl we have been teaching named Beatrice. We had problems because the mom didn’t want to sign the paper to let her be baptized but yesterday we had Beatrice essentially bear her testimony to her mom and it worked! It was beautiful! Beatrice is already doing her Personal Progress, leaves with the YW to visit and goes to Seminary every week! I’m just super sad because I won’t be able to see her baptism.

Which leads to the last thing, I have changes! Goodbye Buena Vista! I’ll let you know where I’m at next Monday!

That’s all for the week fam, good luck Zacho, you’ll be an amazing missionary champ!

Love Elder Crump 

These are pictures from the Luis, Luis (Diego) baptism, but Matthew didn't say which Luis was which :0)  or who the other young man was.

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