Monday, August 31, 2015

President Russell M. Nelson...


Shaking hands with the President of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles is awesome! If you haven’t tried it yet. Do it. It’s well worth the time, haha.

Ya peeps, this week we got to go down to the temple in San Salvador and have a meeting with President Nelson and the members of the Area 70. It was the coolest thing ever. The three missions here got together and we had a 3 hour meeting in the church by the temple with President Nelson. His talk was so awesome and I loved how calm and kind he was with us. For being more than 90 years old I thought he would be super fragile and stuff but he was like jumping up the stairs to get on the stand up front and he would just throw his arms around the missionaries and everything. Talk about example. In his talk he talked about the importance of our relationship with the bishop and our ward mission leader, why it’s so important to always have a member with us while we teach and then left us with different topics in the scripture guide to study. The topics he selected were so different but so profound it was awesome. Just hearing his testimony and listening to him say, I KNOW that Jesus Christ lives right in front of you is one heck of a spiritual experience! I left the meeting feeling such peace and happiness in my heart and with an even stronger testimony of the organization of the Church. Which includes 12 Apostles that are special witnesses to the world that Christ lives.

While leaving the meeting I was looking for Dallen Howell because I knew he had come to the Mission El Salvador East but I didn’t know if he was in a place too far away to come or what. So I was looking like crazy for him and couldn’t find him, went one last time to look and ran into him! He had no idea what hit him when I gave him the biggest hug ever and had no idea who it was, haha. But he’s doing great and loving the mission. It was just so surreal to see him here in El Salvador! He is gonna send me the pic so you’ll get it next week.

The miracle for the week, I’m still alive!

Haha JK, stress hasn’t killed me quite yet!

So what happened this week was we were able to put a date with a lady named Esmeralda.  All of her family are Evangelicos, which are the worst of the worst when it comes to Bible bashing, and all they do is come when we are teaching her so they can tell her stuff about the Church to make her confused. So what we did is take a recent convert that we found out she knows and went to visit her. The sweet thing is that they are two single ladies that both have kids that still live with their moms. So they are like the exact same people and relate a ton. So we took Evalin to visit Esmeralda and it was so sweet to hear her talk about receiving forgiveness after having sinned and how great she feels now since she has received a remission of her sins. It was such a simple testimony but she did it with such conviction that it really impacted Esmeralda. So right after that I invite her with a date because the Spirit was so strong and we just sit there waiting for an answer, and I’m just saying in my mind, ‘Please Heavenly Father, PLEASE!’ and so she tells us, ‘You know what, yes. I think I will do it!’ It was such a blessing. I know the power of having a third testimony with us as missionaries and know that there is always somebody out there that needs to hear the members’ testimony!

That’s all for the week, I can’t get myself to write anymore, sorry haha, love you guys so much!

Elder Crump

With his comp :0)

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