Monday, September 7, 2015

El Tiempo del Señor…


You guys are great. This mission is great. Life is great. Pretty much every week here is a new experience and this week didn’t let me down! We were able to baptized Bryan, had the date with Esmeralda fall, we were chapiando (hacking at weeds with a machete) for days and then ended the week by eating 4 consecutive dinners and feeling fat as ever! Haha, so overall it was a good time. My body never ceases to amaze me at how it wakes up in the morning when I’m so tired, but things just keep rolling!

Saturday we baptized Bryan, it was a really nice day, We went to lunch with him and his buddy, had the normal fried chicken like everyone eats here (like KFC, Grandpa, you would be in heaven here) and then went to the church for the service. Bryan is super shy so it was only us 2, him and his friend who is a recent convert and the president of the Young Men’s. Five people. It was super different to have nobody there but that’s how he wanted it! The nice thing was that it wasn’t stressful at all and we just had the baptism real quick and that was it! The thing with Bryan is that he understands the power of the Holy Ghost and that was one of the main reasons he wanted to be baptized. He understands all the temptations in his life right now and we helped him understand the importance of having that guide to choose the right. A lot of the people we teach focus all on being forgiven of your sins, which is good, but a lot of times we forget about the 4th step of the Gospel of Christ and how crucial it is that we receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Bryan got that and already can feel the love and direction it brings in his life. It’s so awesome.

Another thing that went down is that the date of the Sister Esmeralda fell... but for the good of everyone. So the original plan was to baptize her on Sunday, and my comp was pushing her to no end to just do it. The problem is that I felt bad because I knew she wasn’t actually ready. Anyways, we were sitting there talking to her and my comp is just doing anything and everything so she will do it. We already had the pila (font) full and everything. And I just felt in my heart so strongly, that now is not the time, and I’m like ‘Hna Esmeralda, if you feel that you aren’t ready, don’t worry about it. We will continue to teach you and next week you can do it, don’t worry!’ My comp gave me that ‘I’m gonna kill you!’ look and I just kinda shrugged. But I knew it was what she needed. It’s so hard as missionaries to understand that the Lord’s time isn’t ours, and that he knows when people will be baptized. Esmeralda now has another week to get ready and understand a ton of things she didn’t know even though she was going to be baptized. Patience is a virtue, that is for sure! I just hope I will be able to apply that in life!

Last things is that we did service a bunch this week and on Saturday we were chapiando (hacking at weeds with a machete) and I was just going ham on this massive field of weeds as usual... so I’m going and going for like an hour and then all of a sudden my feet start to hurt and I look down and there is literally, no joke, a million ants ALL over my shoes and then BAM they start going up and up and up. So in no time at all, my entire body is covered in ants, like off a TV show. The best part? They are the ants that bite. Hard. So as soon as that happens I take my shoes off and run barefoot all the way back to the house, strip down and take a shower to get all the ants off. Needless to say, my entire body right now is covered in little red spots from all the bites, haha. It was seriously ridiculous! The good thing is they are starting to go away and I’m just fine. But, boy oh boy, was it was disaster to watch!

So that’s all for now, as always I’m bored of writing... sorry! But hope everything goes well for you guys! Love ya lots!

Elder Crump

With Dallen Howell, a great friend from high school.  Dallen is serving in the
San Salvador East Mission and they got to see each other last week when the three
missions from El Salvador met together to hear President Russell M. Nelson.
It was an exciting reunion!!

At Bryan's baptism.

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