Monday, September 28, 2015

Lago, Dates and More Miracles

Wowzers Family, another week has come and gone and well, like usual I have no time to write you guys!

We went to Lake Coatepeque for pday so we don’t have any time to write. The lake was super pretty and I really enjoyed going. It reminded me of all the beautiful nature back in Utah! It was just nice to relax and enjoy the day! 

This week went really well for us. My companion and I are getting along superb and are working hard. We talk a lot and are really open about how we feel about the work we are doing. We are having success in the area and things just keep rollin! This week we were also able to put a date with a kid named Franklin. His bro was less active and we just found them asking around one day. They both live in their own house because they got kicked out of their parent’s house. They are super normal kids but the interesting thing has been motivating Franklin to actually get up and do stuff. His life really is just fine, so it’s hard for him to find a need to change it. In general we teach people going through hard times in their lives, which makes it a lot easier. We have had to really dig down and find the blessings we can promise him to help him build up the desire to put his faith to work. It’s a challenge but I love it! 

Another sweet thing was three weeks ago I was riding in the bus and decided to talk to the guy sitting next to me. HIs name’s Melvin. Long story short, we finally found his house, turns out he knew missionaries before and didn’t want anything, knows a bunch of members and everything! It’s sweet because this week he went to church for the first time with his wife (or soon to be wife, haha) and so hopefully we can help them start to progress!

Last thing that was super cool for the week was that Jose got the Priesthood! It’s so cool to be there and just see the progress of converts! They are already enrolled in the Family Temple Prep class and it’s awesome!

That’s it folks, sorry for being short! Love ya all! PEACE!

Elder Crump

These are all of the pday hike to Lago Coatepeque with his companion, Elder Calero.

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