Monday, October 5, 2015

GC Action

Buenos Dias Familia!

Conference was so awesome this week and I really enjoyed listening to the apostles testify of Christ and share their personal testimonies that He lives. The new apostles are such powerful men and after listening to them I have no doubt in my mind that they were prepared since the beginning of this world. My favorite talks were the last talk of the conference by Elder Bednar about older apostles, the way he highlighted all of the apostles that had died while he was an apostle was so sweet. It made me have so much love for them and after seeing Pres. Monson struggle to give his talk I just felt so awesome inside knowing they truly are men called of God. The other talk I enjoyed was about the things that the spirit tells us we should do differently. If I could only be perfectly in tune with the spirit and know perfectly the things God wants me to change, I could progress so much faster in life. I’m going to work hard these coming days to find those things I can change as a missionary. Overall it was an awesome conference and as always, there are many things we need to change to be better disciples of Jesus Christ.

Well, every week in the mission can’t go perfectly and this past week was definitely one of those times. We were supposed to baptize the sister Esmeralda but can’t now because of her family.  They don’t even let us talk to her. So that was really rough to accept after having taught her so much.  In addition to that we only brought one investigator to the conference, which is Franklin, the dude that will be baptized next weekend. We had the potential to bring 8 or more people but I guess it just wasn’t God's will for us! Let’s just say that I have a lot of faith that this coming week will improve and I’ll have a lot of miracles to tell you about next Monday!

The one miracle that I can tell you about this week is what happened with the sisters working next to our area.  They brought a lady named Sandra to the conference and I had visited her a lot so I was super happy that she decided to come. This was Saturday. Well, at almost the end of the conference she all of a sudden passed out and was super sick. She was given a blessing and then we sent her home. She went to the doctor and they gave her the help she needed and medicine and stuff so everything was decently fine.  The thing that surprised me was, Sunday morning comes around and one of the first people there in the conference.. Sandra. It just made me so happy seeing that nothing was going to stop her from progressing towards her baptism and it made me think of when Joseph Smith taught people the day after he had been beaten and covered with tar and feathers. People just blow right through their trials and keep going. I’m just really grateful for people like that who show me what it’s like to truly put all our faith in Christ.

That’s all I got for the week, sorry... I promise I’ll have a lot more sweet things to tell you about next week. Love you all a lot, put in practice the things you learned in the conference and I know you will be able to change! Have a great week!

Elder Crump

The lone gringo...

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