Monday, October 12, 2015

Coke Can

Hello there family. Let’s just say the mission is the best place to be right now. This week was HQ to put it lightly. We had so many spiritual experiences as a companionship, I have loved my studies of talks and of Jesus the Christ, and to top that all off, we were able to leave with President Spjut to visit on Friday and learn a bunch of new stuff from him!

The sweetest thing was this week we were able to baptized Franklin that we have been teaching for three weeks now. It’s just insane to see how fast he was able to progress and start to live the gospel in his life. We found him the very day that Elder Calero came here and he didn’t really want anything. We came again and just used the Spirit so much to commit him to go to church. Little by little he started to read the Book of Mormon and pray. The biggest thing is that he decided to download gospel library on his phone and listens to talks and stuff every night as well. President visited him with us and started asking him about his testimony and stuff to see if he really is pilas (like HQ haha) and Franklin is just like ‘Look President, I feel the Spirit when I do everything and I know that the Book of Mormon is true, what more do you want?’ Haha, he is so boss it makes me so happy. Every time I get the chance to say the words, ‘Having been commissioned of Jesus Christ’ I just feel the Spirit so strongly. What a blessing it is to be a missionary!

Another blessing of being here is that funny things always happen. One of those moments was Thursday while my comp and I are waiting for a bus we needed to take. I’m just standing there and all of a sudden a random girl, that’s like 7 years old, comes up to me and says something to the affect of TAKE THAT, and throws a mostly empty Coke can right at my face, getting Coke on me... I literally just busted up laughing because it was so hilarious. The mom comes running over and wants to kill her daughter and my comp and I are just like on the ground dying of laughter.

We have been teaching a lady named Vilma that has a lot of problems with her family not supporting her like all the other people here. So we had been teaching her a lot and couldn’t figure out what is was that we were doing wrong. Yesterday we were in a lesson with her and tried so so hard to focus on the Spirit being there and helping her feel that what we were teaching was true. She’s like ‘I don’t know what you guys mean because I don’t ever feel like that.’ My comp and I are just like beaten because we had no idea what else to do to help her out. And bam, personal revelation to the two of us in the same instant and we just look at each other like ‘Wow, we are so dumb... THE BOOK OF MORMON, USE IT!’ was the message we both got from the Spirit. So we teach it, testify of it, and use it to explain why our church is different than any other on the face of the Earth. And then she’s just like.... ‘When you guys teach me, there’s just something that like hits me in the chest, it like almost hurts because it’s so strong.’ and I’m just like, YIPEE!!! haha because we could then explain to her that the Spirit was trying to tell her that the BofM really is true and that means the church is as well. Let’s just say ¨me la pico¨ as they say here, with the fact that we have the BofM!

That’s all folks, until next week, love ya all!

Elder Crump

Franklin's baptism :0)

With Franklin & Elder Calero.

From last week's pday excursion. 

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