Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Baptism, History and Elder Snow...

How y’all doing Fam?!

This week has been a great one as always and well, another change down and out for the count! I’ve already been here in Paraiso for 3 months and it seems like I just got here! I’m staying here for another change with Elder Calero so that’s good news as well. This week was sweet and it literally just flew by. I guess I’ll tell you some stuff that happened so Mom doesn’t kill me, because I have like no time to write!

Anyway this week we had the baptism, yippee!!!! Vilma was baptized on Saturday and got confirmed Sunday. So let’s just say it was a pure miracle she was able to do it.. and wanted to. On Thursday we were visiting her and she just didn’t want to do it at all. Her family had come to visit her last Monday and just destroyed her again and then the members of the other church where she was going came and told her that the devil is going to curse her forever if she goes to the church of the Mormons. She was so scared of baptism after that and we couldn’t do anything to convince her otherwise. She had felt the spirit so strong and knew that she needed to do it but just wasn’t brave enough to take the decision. Friday we visited her at a member’s house and talked a ton more about the spirit and how she just needed to follow the impressions she had felt. The miracle of it all was that she felt the spirit so strong again but this time it was in the middle of their house that is a total chaos. We thought there was no way in the world she would be able to have the desire to do it with all the noise and distractions there, but she did! It just really hit me that it doesn’t matter where we are, we can always feel the peace that comes through the atonement of Christ. We can be in the middle of downtown SLC but it’s still possible to listen to the guidance of the spirit. After Vilma felt that in her heart she’s just like, ‘I’ll be baptized tomorrow then!’ And she did it! It was such a sweet service and I’m super stoked for her now!

This week we were giving a blessing to a sister that was super sick, we went to give her the blessing, but before hand taught about blessings to her and her family. A lot of the family aren’t members but they were just there watching. So we start giving the blessing and one of the kids that’s like 8 or 9 years old comes up and puts his hands on the head of the lady too, while we are giving the blessing. I try to take them off and he puts them back on, I take them off again, and he puts them back on, all while I’m giving the blessing.  After the last time he says something like, FINE! and goes over to his sister that’s like 12 and puts his little hands on her head and starts mumbling something, haha it was hilarious. At least there is some future Elder material there right!? haha

So this week we had a visit of Elder Snow who is the historian of the church. He came with his wife yesterday, which is why we are writing Tuesday this week. The whole time I was just thinking about how much Dad would fit into the role of Elder Snow. They are like the same person and just have such a love of history and studying it. Anyway Elder Snow talked a lot about his own mission and how we are building up the kingdom of God on Earth by the work we are doing. It just made me so happy knowing there are so many of us from the Summerhill Ward that are doing the exact same thing. Building Gods Kingdom all throughout the world. He helped us have the vision that all our converts can at least affect the salvation of another person and how the chain just continues and continues until everyone has a chance to hear the gospel. It really helped me remember the importance of my work and how I can make an eternity of a difference in people’s lives.

Well... I have a lot that’s happened but I just can’t get myself to write it all but that’s some of the stuff for this week. Life’s good and I love being a missionary!

Keep it classy folks!

Elder Crump

Killing the apartment mice :0(

Vilma's Baptism

At a pizza restaurant with the other elders who work in Aldea.

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