Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Final Week of the CCM!

Howdy Family!!!

         I seriously can’t believe that I have been out for a month! It’s just flown right by and it just goes to show how I will have to make every moment count while I am out here!!! So this week was quite the spiritual one for me... I loved every second of it! But here are a few highlights...

- We held a District testimony meeting last Sunday…they are usually the best things ever, but after everyone had given amazing testimonies and we were all crying a ton, my good buddy Elder Smith decided to bear his at the last second... and this is his little story.... He lives in Nebraska with not many friends and people involved in the church, his sister eventually got into drugs and nearly killed herself, this made both his parents leave the church for some reason, making it really hard to stay active... but he did, by going to church with his friend Justin... but Justin died two months later... Elder Smith was devastated... He wanted to just die right there on his bedroom floor... but luckily his loving home teaching companion was prompted to call Elder Smith and drove 3 hours to come give him a blessing... Long story short, Elder Smith came on a mission, his parents are still not active and it was just amazing. It really made me realize how truly blessed I have been my whole life, with so many amazing examples that are strong in the church.

- Random Fact, my amazing Spanish teacher here, Hermano Bonilla, a returned missionary, drives about 90-100 mph (yes, mph) here on his motorcycle every day. He has cops try to chase him down like literally every day and he just loses them. Perfect example for us, haha.

- This week I have read about three fourths of the BofM and it has been such a blessing! Before I left I didn’t have the strongest of testimonies about it but just by reading it and truly feasting upon the words of Christ, I have developed such a stronger testimony. It’s amazing!!

- Regarding this… my challenge for you all is to get that desire or addiction to read the BofM! You should be dying to be able to read it every night! If you don’t have that, make sure to pray every day for the desire to feast upon the words of God. It will truly bless your life.

- My favorite quote for the week: "The Lord’s calm, reassuring voice speaks peace to our minds, and offers safety for the soul to those who choose to stand in Holy Places". I have known this to be true, as I have had the amazing opportunity to constantly be in a holy place the past month.

- Our last district meeting we also sang the song "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" and it was so spiritual. I know that if anyone can meaningfully sing that song, with all the strength of their heart, they can gain a testimony that Christ truly is our Savior and Redeemer. It is the most powerful song ever. If you try, you can have the spirit every single time you sing it.

- Our President of the CCM left for majority of the time I have been here but he finally came back last week after having had a pretty bad blood clot... and boy am I glad he is back! He is a spiritual giant, and every single devotional he gives is the best advice ever! He is so motivated and such a great example for me!!

That’s all for the week, I love being here and I am so, so excited to get out into the field next week! I’ll be taking a bus across Guatemala & El Salvador to get there!! It will be quite the adventure for sure! I hope everyone has a fantastic week, and may the Lord be with you!!

Elder Crump

This is the Guatemala City Temple.  Matthew gets to go every P-Day.
It is pretty much across the street from the CCM

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