Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The MEN in the Army of the Lord

Hola Familia!!!

         I can't believe it’s already another week down here in the CCM! The days drag on at times but weeks go by sooo quickly! The best part about being here is the fact that I am literally living and spending my entire day on consecrated ground. The whole land here has been blessed and you can just feel it. It’s so awesome having the Spirit so strong wherever you go!! So a few things that happened this week...
         My favorite moment from this week came on Thursday when this tiny little Guatemalan guy here pulled some of us aside and showed us the details of a scripture I have read so many times... it’s in Alma 53: 20. In this verse it is talking about the Stripling Warriors and it says earlier on in the verse... “they were all young men, and they were exceedingly valiant for courage”.... then at the end of the verse it says “this was not all…they were MEN who were true at all time in whatsoever thing they were entrusted.” So in explanation, they are described as young men in the beginning but MEN at the end of the verse. Just like them, we here are all young men; physically, but spiritually, we can and should be MEN. True at all times. I just love Helaman’s Mighty Men, hence my blog name, and so that scripture about them, and how they are just like us, really hit me. I love it!
         So throughout all of my High School career I used Pilot G2 pens, but never once managed to go through an entire one (all of the ink) without losing it... well, last Friday I finally completed that life changing achievement, haha. I used a brand new pen all the way through because you seriously never stop writing here! Quite impressive I know.
         All my life I have harassed my beloved father about using 3x5 cards in his pocket to be able to keep track of what he needs to do and remember... well Dad, guess who currently has probably 9 cards sitting in his chest pocket right now... this guy! Gotta love the great example I have had my whole life!
         My quote for the week, from the Liahona: "Often the deep valleys of our present will be understood only by looking back on them from the mountains of our future" - President Uchtdorf.... that quote just really hit me... especially how it pertains to missionary work!
         It is unreal how much the gift of tongues applies to us here in the CCM... The first couple lessons I taught four weeks ago were 100% written and my Spanish was totally terrible... now four weeks later my companion and I teach almost hour long lessons in total Spanish without a single notecard. It’s amazing. The Lord has blessed me so much to quicken my learning and I’m so very grateful for it.
         We watched the Restoration video this week on Sunday and pretty much it’s just perfect. It’s literally impossible to not feel the spirit while watching that, especially when they start singing “Praise to the Man” and the end of it... so if anyone is missing the spirit in their life. I definitely recommend watching that!
         Finally my challenge for you all... Here in the CCM one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the power of listening. It is sooo essential for us to listen to our investigators every word and act upon it... so, for everyone at home, try listening more. You learn so much more by listening to people instead of talking. People will truly know you care about them when you are willing to listen to every word they say!
         That’s all folks! The CCM is one heck of a place! It’s crazy I have already been here a month and how much I have had my testimony strengthened! Have a marvelous week!!

Elder Crump

La Limonada, Guatemala City - the largest slum in Latin America outside of Brazil.

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