Monday, October 20, 2014

Mission Life is Real Life

Howdy Family!!

         Well the mission life has finally hit me as real life! This week was by far the hardest week I have had yet on the mission. I got my new companion on Wednesday, Elder C from Nicaragua. He is pretty cool but just super... different and I definitely am struggling to build a good relationship with him. The day we became comps I was literally sick to my stomach the entire day just because I missed my old comp and I don’t really know why else. That night I wrote like a million pages in my journal and couldn’t think of anything but coming home. The next morning and day was practically the same and for some reason I just couldn’t get a hold of myself. It was extremely difficult but… here I am just fine now.
         While watching Elder Johansen leave it really struck me how much love he had for his converts and how much his converts love him. It really has made me think a lot and I hope someday I can be able to cultivate that kind of love with the people I am teaching. For now it has been a little hard but I feel like I can do it. The people Elder Johansen taught might not know everything there is to know about the gospel and everything but they have a love that will carry them through the times of doubt that they may have. And that’s what I want my investigators to have as well.
         Last week or the week before I can’t remember Elder Johansen and I were contacting in Rosario and I just randomly decided we needed to knock a door ... or door ish thing haha and we found three families in this house. At first they were a little unsure of us but after a little bit they let us teach a little lesson. One of the families, that were actually just visiting relatives in that house, is named Family Galicia and we are now teaching them in their own house in Cuidad Real. Last night we taught a lesson with them, our third lesson, and it seriously went like perfectly. They are reading all the stuff we leave, inviting us to dinner and are super eager to learn more. It’s perfect. It just made me realize how essential it is to just listen at the random thoughts you have and to act on them! Because now we have a sweet family to teach!! Miracles definitely do happen here!
         Well that’s about all I have time for... I’m praying constantly I can start working a little better with my comp and we can just be friends. It’s just sooo hard to communicate. BUT such is mission life so I’ll just take it a week at a time!!  Hopefully you all have a good week! 

Elder Crump

With his trainer Elder Johansen & Kevin

Tazumal District

Elder Johansen and his two sons
(missionaries he trained)

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