Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference is the BEST!

         How is life back in the good ol’ states everybody!? Because life down here in El Salvador is just grand! My companion and I had a great week and I loved conference more than anything!! 
         It is crazy how much different you view conference when you are out on a mission. Every single thing that is said takes on a totally different meaning! I really loved Elder Uchtdorf’s talk about obtaining a testimony and I was so, so happy that we brought Daniel to that session because he really enjoyed the talk and it helped him a bunch. My comp and I pretty much just want to show the talk by Elder Bednar about missionary work and wanting to share the gospel with everyone before every single one of our lessons. It was so perfect. Everyone just make sure you all go back and read the talks you liked because there is always more to learn!!
         My companion and I buy cakes for anyone that we know that has a birthday... partly because it is a really good way to build trust and friendship... but also because it’s nice to eat cake all the time! Haha, it’s no wonder I currently have four pennies to my name though....
         So this week I definitely had the chance to contact some buses. If you don’t know what that means, it is done by standing in the front of the bus, packed full of people, and preaching to the entire bus in a language you don’t even know. Pure awesomeness. Never in my entire life had I thought I would be able to do that but now it’s not even bad at all!! It’s a great way to try and share the gospel with as many people as possible!
         We were teaching a lesson this week out in San Sebastian Saltrillo when a baby just walks in the middle of the room and goes to the bathroom. I’m sure it’s not the most uncommon thing in the world, but I couldn’t help myself and just busted up laughing. It was hilarious.
         I tell my comp ¨We are seriously such gringos¨ Like every second. Because literally, everyone is always staring at us.
         I really liked what an Hermana shared this week in our Zone meeting about repentance. Just that we sometimes think it is impossible to totally stop doing a sin we currently have but really we just need to focus on putting more time in between each sin so that eventually we won’t be sinning any more because there will be so much time in between each time. Just a random thought I really liked, if that even made sense at all.

That’s about it for the week. Mission life is crazy hard, but crazy awesome! This is the last normal week I have with my comp before he leaves so hopefully it’s a great one! 

Love you guys!

Elder Crump

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