Monday, September 29, 2014

First Baptism :))

         Man time sure does fly down here!! Every day is just a constant blur!! I learned a lot this week so here are a few of the things that happened...
         So we baptized Christian Linares this week!! It was such a sweet experience and definitely the boost I needed to keep going. It’s crazy how much the Lord had prepared him to hear our lessons.. We seriously went straight through the lessons and then baptized him, yet my comp said he is one of the most prepared people he has baptized. Three weeks and he was baptized. Crazy!! It’s so awesome to see the Lord’s hand in things!
         We had interchanges this week and it was a really cool experience to spend the day with the Zone Leader Elder Sanchez. He is from Mexico and a real great missionary. But while we were teaching we met a lady from Salt Lake. She had lived like three blocks from Temple Square and yet never once had a visit from the missionaries. She told us all about the people at work and stuff that would try and invite her to church stuff but she always rejected it. Then she decided to return to El Salvador to help raise here kids some more... Now she’s progressing a ton, has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and is almost for sure getting baptized. How weird is that? A lady accepts the church clear out here in El Salvador but lived not three blocks from temple square. It really hit me that every little but of missionary work we do helps. Those people back in Utah have no idea that the little invitations they gave had an effect on this lady some twenty years later, in a different country. Really cool stuff.
         Last P Day we got to play a sweet soccer game with all the local guards in our city against the guys in our zone. It was sooo awesome to play soccer on a full field again and we decided to make it a weekly tradition. Definitely looking forward to it again next week!!
         We have an investigator named Daniel, 19 years old, whose whole family was baptized last month by my comp but he is still struggling to accept the gospel. We have been teaching him like almost every day and slowly making progress. Something really cool though is that we both have the same favorite team: Borussia Dortmund from Germany.  Thus every day he gives me the update on the team and we have already become super good friends. It’s really helping him trust us as missionaries and he’s gotten super close to baptism now. It’s so sweet. Mostly I just want my Mom to know that maybe those countless hours of watching soccer all day weren’t for nothing :)
         That’s all for this week. It was a great one that’s for sure! Maybe in my letters it seems like the mission life is just super awesome 24/7... which it is. But don’t get me wrong, it’s still super hard. I get homesick a bunch and want to just sit on the curbs and cry... BUT I know this is where I need to be so I push on. And it’s worth it 100%. Hopefully you all have a great week!!

Elder Crump

Yeah, Pizza!

Scripture covers

Making pancakes-
"Amazing little circles of happiness"

Elder Johnasen, Christian & Matthew
(He always looks so tall in the pictures)

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