Monday, September 22, 2014

Livin' the Mission Life


          It seems like just yesterday I was writing! Weeks just fly by down here that’s for sure!! This week was awesome! We had a lot of crazy experiences and spiritual ones as well so here are a few...
         Elder Ochoa visited this week and we spent the majority of the day listening to him. Boy was it sweet!! He is such a spiritual giant and I learned so much from him. Two things I really like was one, that as missionaries we aren´t supposed to be taking people by the hand and dragging them to church or baptism or anything, instead we need to be placing their hands in the hands of Christ and allowing Him to guide our investigators to baptism. Also he talked about the Law of Eternal Progression, which was sweet. Just that we need to be constantly working on bettering ourselves everyday and becoming more and more like the Savior.
         So it rains every day here. It’s just a fact. But anyway one day it was raining quite hard and my comp and I were getting out of a moto taxi (a small little red car taxi thing) You have to get out quickly or they get mad, so once it stopped I quickly jumped out and up onto a tile platform that was drenched... so, next thing I know it, I pulled a cartoon quality slip and landed straight on my butt. Embarrassing right? Well, to make matters worse, I look up and there is, no joke, like 100 people standing on this platform in front of the market, staying dry from the rain. So of course I proceeded to hear a nice concourse of laughter from everyone. Yeah for mission life!!
         We taught our investigator, Christian, who is preparing for baptism this week, our final lesson yesterday and he will have his interview this week. We have seriously only taught 4 lessons with him and it’s insane how prepared he was to receive the gospel.
         There is a teenager in our ward named Kevin, who went to serve in Honduras for a while but got a foot problem while he was there. So he returned and has been waiting for like 6months to finally have his surgery then return to the mission. Last week he finally had it and everything went well. The cool part of the story is that before the surgery my comp and I gave him a blessing and it was seriously so powerful to me. My comp said that it will be by your faith that these blessings are realized and it was just awesome because Kevin is such a strong and faithful person you could already feel that he would receive all the blessings. It was such a great experience and example for me.
         Finally this week we taught a drunk dude that like locked us in his backyard and proceeded to go nuts. He is like telling us crazy stories in his iffy English and made us start singing random American songs in English to him. At one point he is kissing my head and saying he can breathe my mind... ya it was one heck of an experience!  He really just needs friends so we can´t decide if we should continue visiting him or not :0)
         That’s about all for the week. I love you guys and hope everything goes well!! Thanks so much for all you do!

Elder Crump

Matthew's Zone - with Pres & Hna Spjut and Elder Ochoa

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