Monday, September 15, 2014

Mission life is the life for me.


         So this week was just the bomb. Every day you come home more tired than you could possibly imagine but it is so worth when you find that prime investigator!! Speaking of which we found one this week! His name is Christian and our first visit with him he asked, "So how soon can I get baptized?" Woot Woot!! So we were already preparing him for baptism and he is coming along very nicely. It’s pure awesomeness! His baptism is supposed to be in two weeks, so hopefully that all works out!
         My companion and I have three areas, one were we live, Cuidad Real, and two that are about 30 mins away walking that we try and visit every day. San Sebastian Saltrillo and the Rosario. The place we live is a lot nicer than the other two and it’s just crazy the contrast between the houses of each! I definitely had that culture shock moment when I walked into my first total dirt and tin sheet house! Awesome stuff though! Also, because we are opening new areas we are blessed to have a whole lot of investigators and our schedule is virtually always full! It’s the greatest!!
         We have been teaching a 19 year old guy named Daniel that lives with a member family and we have tried so, so hard to get him to go to church (He plays soccer every Sunday morning) and so we taught like five lessons with him all last week about the Sabbath Day, prayed for him a bunch and really thought we had put a spark in him to realize he needed to go... but he still didn´t come. It was really sad. I sure that’s just the first of many times that will happen on the mission :(
         This week I was reading a talk by Elder Bednar and it was talking about the atonement of Christ and how hard it was for Him. One of the biggest reasons for this was because of His love for us. Actually going through what we would go through was insanely hard, but what was also immensely difficult for Him was that He loves us so much and just the thought that we would have to go through what He was going through was harder than ever. It’s amazing how much He loves us. More than we can ever know. It’s just something to be grateful for!
         That’s about all for the week, you definitely don´t have much time to write down here! But life is great, its hard but worth it. I love my companion. He has 23 months but still works really hard and I am grateful for that. Down here I have really started to appreciate how much my family has taught me throughout my life. I have been so blessed to be raised in the family I was and I know I wouldn´t be anything near what I am today without them! Love you guys and have a great week!!

Elder Crump

One of his areas, San Sebastian Salitillo

San Sebastian Salitillo
Matthew's collar after a day's work.

A colony about an hour from his apartment.

With Elder Johansen.

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