Monday, December 22, 2014


Merry... Christmas?? Say what I seriously cant believe its already Christmas time. Boy does time fly out here on the mission! Its been a crazy week and luckily enough I havent been homesick very much at all. Thanks to keeping busy and the nice Christmas spirit that is here in Nahuizalco, everything is just dandy! This week was a good one so heres a few highlights...

So first of all I have to explain a little about our here in Pushtan. So before I got here the missionaries were just baptizing like nobodys business. Elder Slack baptized 11 in like 2 months here which was crazy but then practically exactly when I got here the Catholics and Jehovahs Witness just started going nuts and now they literally like follow behind us and just destroy everything we just taught to our investigators. The problem is the people here are really humble but a lot havent had too much schooling so they just kind of believe anything of what you say. Which is nice for us... until the catholics come.. So anyway we were super close to marrying the guy named Enrique and his wife but then last week the Catholics just bombarded him with a bunch of crap and now hes like ant mormon practically. Its the worst. Its gotten so bad that my comp is seriously planning on having a show down sort of thing with the catholic leader here haha

Thursday night we had a little reunion thing with all the guys that are members in Pushtan. There are like 5 of them that have there family and stuff. But they just wanted our help on how to to a home teaching visit with the less active families and stuff that live around Pushtan. It was sweet because I knew exactly what to teach and tell them all thanks to my great pops back at home. He was an awesome example of how to be a good home teacher and really helped me to understand how to do an effective visit. So I was then able to help out the men aruond here and they are now doing their quality home teaching every home. Hooray for being raised by such a great Dad!

Random fact about here. People literally have like zero problems with smoke. We are literally teaching a lessons and they just start a fire inside the house to cook their dinner and such. So like thirty minutes later you can imagine the amount of smoke in the house and how badly I want to just die. Im like seriously bawling and have the worst runny nose ever and everyone else is just all jolly and happy. Gotta love it!!

Things were a little rough Wednesday between my companion and I. The problem is he is the senior comp and doesnt have much time left in the mission so he just does everything all by himself. Like planning and calling people and such. So we did our weekly planning and I just sat there most of the time and then hes just like, ive got something to say. Im like ok, go for it. So he then just out of the blue just starts railing on me for all the stuff I do wrong as a missionary and the things I need to change. Super random. Some of the stuff wasnt even correct either. and then he just got up and started getting ready. Growing up ive never been to great at taking advice so that was really hard for me to just get machettied super hard like that. So im just sitting in my chair. Deciding what to do and quite surprisingly, atleast to myself, I just wrote the things I need to change in my planner and brushed it off. The next day my comp got mad at me again because I had started making my breakfast when he needed to get his Preach my gospel he had left at the Zone Leaders house. Im just like Breh, you gotta tell me you want to leave! So I got ready super fast and left. I got back and was just really really mad. Cuz things had been building up and stuff. But then, by pure coindince im sure, happened to be in Chap 6 of PMG which is Christlike attributes. So of course I read abot patience and realized I was being dumb and needed to calm down. Ever since then everything has been totally fine and my comp and I are doing great again. Its really weird how it all panned out but I can certainly say once again Ive learned a little bit of patience! You think I would have learned the first time haha

Finally this week we had a sweet activity on Thursday where all the missionaries here in Nahuizalco sang in the city square and we had movies playing on a projector screen. President Spjut came and everything and it ended up being a really spiritual and fun night. Also a great way to kind of bring the Christmas spirit here. People are already inviting us to eat Christmas day and stuff as well so hopefully it ends up being a savvy week! haha Wish all you guys a merry Christmas and enjoy the time you get to spend with the family! Love you!!

Elder Crump
Zone meeting in Nahuizalco square with Pres. Spjut

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