Monday, December 29, 2014

Feliz Navidad & Happy New Year!

         Ahh, it was sooo great to talk to you all this Christmas. I wish I could have talked to you guys for a lot more time but that’s all right. Christmas week here was insane and really had its ups and downs. Here’s what went down though:
         First of all last Monday we got to go visit this super sweet waterfall called La Golondrinera here in Pushtán. It’s so beautiful and reminded me of visiting all the pretty waterfalls we visited on our family vacations. It’s in a canyon that’s just covered in trees and stuff and literally something that would be in a movie. These pictures don’t do it justice at all. But ya, that was pretty rad.
         We had a Christmas activity on Tuesday, which really boosted my spirits for Christmas time. The best part was I was able to hang out with all my buds from the CCM that I love. I’ll send a picture we took together. These guys are like my true friends here on the mission and it’s weird because we were only together for like 6 weeks but we are seriously so close and they are just great. It was also great to see Elder Craig. He’s still probably my best friend in the mission, even if I hardly see him at all. We watched a little Disney movie, played games, exchanged presents and had a spiritual time, which made for a great day.
         Christmas Eve here was pretty normal.  We just taught a bunch of lessons to people that didn’t want to listen to us at all. Which was rough. Idk, it’s hard because we have to work but the people here just want to spend time with their family, not really with us. So we felt really bad when we forced the people to listen to us because they aren’t going to say no if we ask to enter.       
     Christmas day started off super well. I listened to Christmas music all morning and opened my presents from you guys and the Andersen family. Skype was really great until it ended, haha.  Afterwards I was just super, super homesick and didn’t work too well the rest of the day. Our Christmas dinner, no joke, included a tiny tortilla and a skimpy chicken leg. All the other members didn’t want to receive us for some reason. It was really rough for me that night and by far one of the hardest nights I have had on the mission because I just couldn’t get the image of my bro crying when I said bye on Skype that morning. Luckily the next day we were super busy so I didn’t really have any time to be homesick and stuff.
         Blanca... our investigator wasn’t baptized yesterday ;( it’s was really sad. But hopefully everything goes fine these next few days and she will be baptized on Wednesday. I’m praying like crazy everything will end up fine. The wedding was fine though. Super low key. All the kids just devoured the cake because it was probably one of the first cakes they have ever eaten in their life.
         I don’t have any more time this week but I’ll write more about the week next week. We are going to Tazumal today, so that will be sweet! Have a great week! Love you guys!

Elder Crump
Mission Christmas party.
Matthew is at the back of the circle sitting
on the floor next to the elder in the green shirt.

The Nahuizalco District brothers.

El Salvador Santa Ana Mission Christmas picture.
Matthew is on the very back row, right in the middle,
kind of in front of the bush. A disadvantage of being
one of the taller missionaries is being on the back row
- and Matthew really isn't that tall :0)

La Golondrinera
A hike through coffe plantations to get there.

CCM Bros - Elder Craig is third from the left.

Noe & Blanca with their eight children
after their wedding.

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