Monday, January 5, 2015

Officially a Missionary

         Well its official folks, I’m a missionary. I broke my first pair of shoes out here on the mission haha. This week was a bit of a rough one but overall it ended awesome because we were able to baptized the Hermana Blanca. Boy was it pure awesomeness! It was super hard to get everything coordinated.  We woke up insanely early and had a million things to do and places to go but did it all...while fasting of course, but! It was totally worth it! Its been stressing my companion and I out a lot and so it was great she was finally able to take that one extremely important step to her salvation.
         Also this week I had my birthday, which was a little bit sad for me because nobody really remembered here but at least my companion bought me a doughnut at the end of the day! :) haha
         For New Years the little kids here literally lit fireworks the entire night. It was insane. But something super funny is that all the people here that make the fireworks, and really anything in general, put "Made In China" on the package. Why you may ask? Because made in China means pure quality here in El Salvador. If something is made in China it’s gonna last for sure. Maybe that gives you a little bit of an idea of the economy here, haha.
         The highlight of my week was the baptism but also the testimony meeting we had on Sunday in church. One of the missionaries here is leaving this week for his house and so everyone bore their testimony of the things he had done for them. The testimonies that they bore were seriously so powerful and sincere, it was unreal. The people were so grateful for the things that the Elder had done for them and the changes he had helped them make.  It was awesome. It really motivated me to someday be in the same spot. With people that I truly love and have helped turn their life around. It is always nice to be spiritually regenerated as well. 
         I don’t really feel like writing anymore because this week was really hard, but I do want to say thanks to the Stevenson family for sending letters to me for Christmas. The package actually came just a little bit ago and it ended up really helping me a lot. This week I have just been super depressed and I got the package Friday night. After reading all the nice letters and seeing the pictures I was a lot happier and it really helped me remember why I’m out here and what my purpose is. It’s such a blessing to have an extended family that is so supportive and that are such good examples to me. So thanks to all you guys and love you so much!
         That’s about all this week. Oh I did get the chance to go to Tazumal (Mayan ruins) too, so that was really fun. I’ll send some pictures. But have a fabulous week family! Love you all so, so much!

Elder Crump

Matthew & Elder Guzman at Tazumal

The Nahuizalco zone at Tazumal

Officially a missionary :0)

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