Monday, January 26, 2015

Another week of mission life...

         Howdy Family back in the ice cold SLC! Hope everything is going well for you guys, this week went by super slow but it was an enjoyable one overall I would say.... 
    First of all, I just wanted to say how much I have been thinking about my Grandpa Crump this week. He’s been having a rough week to say the least and I’m constantly praying for him. We found this grandpa this week and it really made me realize how much I love and miss my Grandpa Crump. Working with him every day for a summer taught me so much and I am so, so grateful for the great example he is to me! Love you Gramps!
    So like I said this week my companion and I randomly found this guy in the street named Miguel Angel. He’s a grandpa and was walking super slow so we decided to take a little bit of a break and chat with him. We ended up following him to his house and taught him a lesson. Well, this whole time I am thinking he is like 70 at the oldest but as we got talking he tells us, 'ya in four months I’ll be 100 years old.' Like, what the heck?? This guy is almost 100 and he was just treckin’ it around Nahuizalco like it was nobody’s business! He’s so awesome! We committed him to church and he ended up going, which was sweet as well! We are hoping to put a date with him this week now! I just feel so nice knowing that even at 99 somebody can do something that can change their life for an eternity!
    In my personal study this week I was reading in Alma 13:28 and found a pretty sweet scripture, marked it and kept reading, but later on that day we were teaching a less active that we have and it just hit my companion like a brick wall, ‘share the scripture your companion read this morning’. So we shared the scripture and it was so, so perfect for the man. He just looks at us and was like, “Wow that scripture is awesome.” I love it.... That experience really helped my testimony grow that we are legit studying for our lessons that day when we are reading in the morning and we need to listen to the spirit to know what exactly it is we need to be studying.
    Also this week we have been contacting like every single person in sight. My companion just wants to talk to everyone visible and it was starting to bug me a little because we would take so much time to get to lessons and he would like starting talking to a guy carrying a huge piece of wood on his shoulders and make him listen to us... So anyway we are walking by a house in a newer area and there was just a guy sitting in his house working on making baskets, so in my mind I thought, ‘I’m gonna teach my companion and lesson and show him how much better it is to talk to people that can’t move anywhere and aren’t so busy’, so we enter this house and I contact this guy. Boy he is the perfect investigator, he didn’t go to church this week but already accepted a date and we are working hard to prepare him. So lesson learned, always teach your comps lessons by showing them how wrong they are and you’ll be blessed... right? Haha No! really helped me learn that the spirit is guiding us and when we have success it’s because the Lord is blessing us. Because the experience was so different I took the time to look back on it and realize how ridiculous I was being with my companion and really do need to have patience with him. Every little experience we go through is to learn something. That is for sure!
   Finally I just wanted to share something I loved that I read in Preach My Gospel this week that says ¨Heaven is a continuation of the ideal home¨ When I read that I was just like wow. That’s so awesome. I just love my family so, so much and it’s such a blessing knowing I will be with all of them for eternity! One of my favorite things to testify about is eternal families because it makes me so, so happy!

That’s about all for the week!
Have a fabulous week family! Love you so much!

Elder Crump
With Miguel Angel - their 99 year old investigator :0)

Study time - love the bench :0)

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