Monday, January 12, 2015

"Training my...Trainer"

         Well, Happy P Day family, hopefully you guys have all had a great week and enjoy the new start to the New Year... First, I just have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big, little brother. This Wednesday will be his BDay and I have to make sure he realizes the great brother he is to me. Growing up he always tagged along when I went to hang out at my friends’ houses and it bugged me so, so much... and now, well, I would do anything to have him come hang out with me for a day. He’s always been such a great example of a hard worker and somebody that actually cares about you. I know he will be an awesome missionary and change the lives of hundreds of people. So, Happy Birthday Zacho! Keep enjoying those slopes while you can!
         So this week was by far the most stressful I have ever had in my life. Being a trainer is wayyyy harder than I thought it would be, especially when I still cant speak Spanish near as well as I would like.  But luckily I’m slowly getting the hang of things. My companion is Elder Barrios from Guatemala and boy is he one animated little guy. He was ward mission leader before he came out here so he’s like beyond excited to be a missionary. He’s really helped push me to a whole new level of work and so hopefully we can reap the rewards and baptize during this change/transfer. It’s super crazy though because I’m technically training him, but in a lot of ways he’s training me. He already knows how to teach the lessons and pretty much already came trained, so that’s helped me out a lot.
         This week we found a super positive family that really made me excited to teach them and stuff. We committed them to go to church and everything and I was beyond stoked to get them to church and things. Sunday came around and they were nowhere to be found. I asked around for Jose and couldn’t find him. So we went back later that day and I ended up running into him on the way there - 100% drunk and his hands and arms covered in blood. Boy was that rough. Needless to say we probably won’t be visiting him more, but it’s definitely sad to see him so helpless. I’m praying this week we can help him out in some way or another without getting too close to where it’s dangerous.
         Also this week I had an experience really different that affected me a lot. One of our investigators has been coming to church every so often and Sunday she told us of an awesome spiritual moment she had last week while she was about to go to sleep and got a spiritual answer while she was asking if our church was true. She said she felt an unexplainable feeling that everything we had told her was totally true and that she should be going to our church. HECK YA!  I’m praying she can take the steps and make the changes she needs to to be able to be baptized this coming month.

That’s about all I have time for. Thanks for your prayers and everything. Love you all so much!

Elder Crump

Blanca's baptism day with Elder Guzman.

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