Thursday, April 16, 2015


Heeelllloooooo Family!!

Well as crazy as it seems, it’s Monday again and so it seems it’s time to write a few things that have happened...

So my new area is SUPER different than from were I came and it’s really starting to hit me what these next months are gonna be like. Sunday there was a grand total of 61 people in the branch and it was the weirdest thing I had seen... Every sacrament meeting I have ever been in has had like 150 people at least, so to have a meeting with like 60 people was a real shocker for me. The people in the branch are really nice and like working with the missionaries so that’s sweet. I’ve already started to love some of the members here and so I’m slowly but surely starting to make it feel like home (Nahuizalco haha).

This week I dropped all but three of the investigators that the missionaries were teaching before so we were contacting references and knocking on doors a whole bunch throughout the days. We were able to find a 22-year-old kid named José whose mom is member and has heard some things about the church. He explained to us that he has attended a ton of churches throughout his life, including like satanic churches, but he doesn’t feel like he’s found the true church of God. So obviously I’m like, ‘Well, have you have been to the LDS church??’ He’s like, “Well no...’,  So needless to say he is committed to church this next week and I know if he puts forth his part he will gain a testimony of the church and be baptized. Yippee :)

One of the hardest things for me right now is the fact that I now can’t eat free pupusas every night and here in Buena Vista they seriously don’t sell Pupusas at all. It’s the worst. So I have now painfully suffered a grand total of like 13 days without Pupusas. Hard to imagine I know.

So my companion is a convert of a year and has really been struggling to be a missionary. He has 3 months here in the mission and just finished his training for new missionaries but President is pretty much having me train him all over again because he has tons to learn and still can’t really teach much. So it’s been a bit of a trial and, boy oh boy, have I learned a new meaning of the word patience. But it’s all good and I know I’ll be learning things that will help me out the rest of the mission, as well as the rest of my life. We do practices like all morning long to improve his teaching so hopefully we can see some changes this week in the quality of our lessons and stuff!

That’s about all I have time for this week but thanks for all your support and keep being faithful members of the church! If you aren’t reading the BofM I’m sure Cam will be there to make sure its happenin but seriously. READ IT. It’s the greatest book in the world. Love you guys!

Elder Crump

I really don't know who the elders are in these two pictures.  I assume that the second picture is of Matthew's newest companion, Elder Hernandez.

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