Monday, April 27, 2015

Working Miracles with the Spirit

Wowzers... 9 months down and out people. The time we have as missionaries is oh so short. Sooo, this week was pretty.. normal to be honest but a normal week as a missionary is anything but normal compared to life back at home! So this week my companion and I have finally starting teaching lessons with the spirit and have made a little progress in testifying about our message to bring the spirit so thats really made me happy. My companion doesnt understand much of what a testimony is so its been fun to like help him create his own personal tesimony. The saying that your companion is your first convert 100% applies to me, but its awesome. So heres just a little bit more of what happened this week...On Friday we had interviews with President which are always fun. Before the mission I had heard a lot about how interviews usually go with president and stuff but let me tell you, President Spjut is like not normal at all, he doesnt care about your agenda, your area book or your telephone or anything, he just sits you down, asks you like two questions and its just like wow. The spirit is instantly there and you just feel so good. He leaves you with a lot of things you can improve but at the same time helps you feel so awesome and just know that you are called of God and have real power to help bring people to Christ. Im seriously SO grateful to have a President that loves me and can show me at the same time what I can do to improve.
So this week we were able to put dates with two older ladies in our area...
The first lady is named Orbelina and she is the Mom of a missionary that just got home a couple of weeks ago. The missionaries taught her a ton before the kid left and while he was on the mission but she never wanted anything with the church because she just said the church had takin her son from her. But a few weeks ago her son came home and had changed a lot. The lady could see the mission had helped him a ton and because of it now wants to be baptized! She learns everything super super slow and cant read so that makes it a tad rough but as long as everything works out fine she will be bapitzed the 10th of May at the end of the change! Its really the greatest feeling in the world knowing you are helping people progress towards making a covenant with God!
Also this week we put a date with another older lady named Cecilia. Cecilia has listened to the missionaries off and on for like 7 years and has literally never listened or cared because she was going to another church where they just talk badly about the mormons every two seconds. So anyway like a week ago we committed her to church although to be honest I had like no faith she would actually show up on Sunday, well, turns out she really wanted to come! She was there like thirty minutes early and loved the entire thing! On Friday we had a lesson with her in the church with a member and it was super HQ. It was one of the first lessons I have had with Elder Hernandez which the spirit was really strong and it was just so sick. We invited her to be baptized the same time has Orbelina and she accepted so, Primero Dios, as they say down here, we will have to baptisms the end of the change!
Thats about all that happened for the week... well actually not because I could be writing for days about everything that happened but I dont have time so until next time folks! Keep it real, never stop living the gospel and youll be happy! Have a fabulous week!
Elder Crump
Umm, no description from Matthew - waterfalls somewhere?

Two daughters of the Familia Palma in Matthew's first area.
They had come for Stake Conference.

In front of his house...

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