Monday, April 20, 2015

The Temple :0)

Wow it’s insane that I’m now working on 9 months out here in El Salvador. Hooray for the mission being the greatest decision I have ever made in my life! So this week was another good one. We went to the temple, taught some pretty rad lessons on the BofM and were able to bring a solid number of people to church. So overall it was HQ.

So to start things off on Tuesday and Wednesday for the entire morning we went to the house of President of the Rama to help him move dirt. His house has been flooding with all of the rain we have had and so he has to do some major remodeling. So for like five hours the two mornings I shoveled dirt into a wheelbarrow and totally destroyed my poor little mission hands that haven’t done much manual labor in the past 9 months. So two days and 9 blisters later we finished and now President doesn’t have any flood problems. Yippee! Zacho, it totally reminded me of digging the hole for the tramp we did for Jeremy that one day. Fun stuff!

Another thing that was sweet this week was an ex missionary got home from his mission and his mom isn’t a member yet so we just started putting the pilas with her and she will have a date for the 10th of May. So that’s awesome. It’s just the coolest thing teaching the three of us because you can just feel so much power and the spirit gets so strong. The kid was a ZL so he knows how to teach a lot and he reads every day with his mom who’s hilarious. So if everything goes well she should be baptized the 10th! Her name is Orbalina.

We went to the temple this week to do an endowment session... We go like one every 6 months, which is quite rough... but anyway throughout the week I had been feeling super bad with the quality of our lessons and things with my companion and stuff so I was just waiting for the temple trip to help me out. So we went Thursday and went thru the whole session but I didn’t really feel that much better, until I was able to talk to Elder Jepson one of the friends out here that came in the same group as me. He said a lot of really cool things that helped me out a ton and made me realize the things that are actually important as a missionary. I was really stressed with the numbers here and things but then I realized it’s all not so important when we compare it to the love we have for the people and the obedience we show as missionaries. Then as we left the last room to change I just felt the best spiritual confirmation of love for my Savior and could feel that we was satisfied with the work I was doing. It was so beautiful. I LOVE temples. I can’t wait to go back in 6 months.

This week in the branch I gave my first talk ever in Spanish. The topic... obviously the BofM because it is the best thing in the world. I talked about my personal testimony of the book and how the people need to get their own to be able to share it with others. I felt the spirit a lot and think the majority of the people understood me. At least I hope so. So yeah that was fun. My Spanish is far from perfect but it’s slowly, but surely, getting there.

Just so you know, being a missionary here in a branch is seriously so so, so much different than in a normal ward. There’s like 6 priesthood holders in the whole branch so they need our help to do so many things throughout the week. Like be guards for the seminary kids for example. My entire outlook on the organization of the church has changed being here in a branch and has made me appreciate the worthy priesthood holders that I have always had in my life. Because here there just aren’t many at all.

So that’s all I have time for. Hope everything goes well for you guys this week. I know this church is true and there ain’t no doubt about it! 

Elder Crump

With Elder Hernandez at the San Salvador Temple.

A bonus to the San Salvador temple trip - a stop at McDonalds :0)

The earth mover :0)

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