Monday, June 15, 2015

Family Miracles

As missionaries always say, "Another fantastic week here in the mission field!!" Sometimes weeks are hard, some tiring, some filled with success, others not so much, but practically every time I write on Mondays I can honestly say the mission is the best! So this week was a little bit of everything, but it was definitely like every other week in the mission, jam packed with miracles!

We had a real quality lesson with one of our progressing investigators named Alfredo, he had a baptism meta... which now fell because he didn’t go to church ;(  but he is still preparing to be baptized and should be able to do it next change. But anyway, so we brought one of the teens in our ward that is a recent convert and just asked him to bear his testimony. He had a ton of problems to be able to be baptized because his family didn’t support him at all but in the end it helped him a ton to strengthen his testimony and actually have a strong testimony before he got baptized. It was just the best thing for me to hear because like Brigham Young explains, it’s not about the knowledge one has or the eloquence in their testimony, it’s about the conviction and actual beliefs one has obtained. Pablo, the kid that’s the convert, just gave his strong but simple testimony and the spirit instantly filled the room. You could totally feel that Pablo knew, without a doubt, every single word he was saying. I loved it. Share your testimony people, it doesn’t matter how simple it is!

So idk if I have told you guys this, but I haven’t seen a one dollar bill in like 5 months. They just straight up don’t exist here. Everybody just uses the one-dollar coins and that’s it. It really weighs down your pockets.

I miss Mom’s homemade bread more than anything in the world but I recently found the guy that passes for our sector of Buena Vista and now he passes for the house in the morning with freshly made French bread ( or so they call it). It’s the best. Now all I need is honey butter, haha.

This week we had one of the greatest miracles ever. So I have been praying that I would be able to find a family I can baptize and help prepare to go to the temple. I just really want to help someone reach that goal more than anything. So last Friday I was with Elder Evans on interchanges and we go to visit a reference that we didn’t exactly know much about them. Well turns out he just got here from Rio Zarco and was listening to missionaries for quite some time there. He got beat up and almost killed there so he had to come here to Buena Vista. So he’s been preparing to get married and baptized and now my comp and I have the huge blessing to be able to finish their preparation and help them be baptized in the coming weeks. It’s so awesome. He’s the humblest guy ever and understands so much about the gospel already! It’s such blessing to be able to help families prepare to be an eternal family and I can’t wait to continue teaching them!

That’s all for the week folks, love you lots. Keep being good Latter Day Saints. Talk to you next week!

Elder Crump

Hna Estrada - Matthew says she's amazing!

What you drink when you have digestive problems.
It's the worst!
(Luckily Matthew is on the mend.)

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