Monday, June 8, 2015

Mission Life

My mind literally can’t understand how fast time can go by. But alas it’s already June. So this week was full of ups and down and more ups…(because I’m a missionary there’s always more ups than downs) but this is some stuff that we did…

So this week we were looking for new investigators a ton because we don’t have hardly anyone right now.  So we were just contacting houses and sometimes it’s just rough telling everyone we are missionaries and them ignoring us or whatever... so my comp and I, although we probably shouldn’t have, just asked some people for a random person we made up to try and start a conversion better with people, just to get them talking and stuff.  So we come up with the name Rodrigo who’s like 14 and contact a house, asking if they know Rodrigo, nope they didn’t know him (obviously) but then didn’t want anything to do with us.  We then go to the next house, and ask for a Rodrigo, the guy’s like ‘Oh he isn’t here right now but come back later.’ So we go back later that night and find Rodrigo and his family. None of them go to church and none of them are baptized. Miracle? You bet, haha. Hopefully they can progress!

As a companionship we have had some problems with not having the spirit a ton in our lessons for some reason... My comp has a bit of a problem with laughing without control (like laughing in the middle of a blessing) so I had always kinda blamed him for not having the spirit much in our lessons. But this week I was reading in Preach My Gospel and realized that there were a lot of things I wasn’t doing that I needed to improve to really have the spirit in our lessons. I think that happens a lot in life when it’s just so much easier to blame somebody else for the problems we have instead of claiming them for our own. Maybe it really is their fault, but there is always something that we can do a little better to help the situation. So this week I’m gonna be working hard to fix what I can to help our companionship out.

Last thing this week, so Jonny, the son of Orbelina that recently got baptized, left to Honduras this week and the Hna Orbelina was super, super sad. She didn’t want him to leave at all and didn’t want to go to church or anything without him because he was like all her motivation to be baptized and stuff. So this week we had a sweet Family Home Evening with her and some hermanas of the church, and one of them offered to bring her. She’s like, ‘You know what, I’m gonna go to church all by myself, because I know I need to be there.’ So she gets there, it’s testimony mtg, and she bears her testimony about how hard it was for her to say bye to her son, because she doesn’t know when he will come back again, but that she knows this is the true church because she actually feels the spirit here and so will never stop coming until she’s dead. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, Hallelujah, amen!! Haha, it was a sweet testimony. But it’s so true that the spirit alone that you can feel in the church is a testimony that it’s the true church of God on the earth. So if you guys aren’t feeling a spiritual experience in church each week, you gotta change something, because every week we have the blessing to go to the Lord’s house and feel it!

That’s all for the week folks. Love ya. Congrats Zacho, you’re the best bro ever!

Elder Crump

His comp in cowboy boots :0)

The church they live next to.

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