Monday, May 30, 2016

Counsel from on High

Familia Crump,

The news is in people and I’m staying here in Manantiales to finish out my mission! The crazy thing is I will be staying with my companion Elder Ordoñez another change as well! He will be the only companion I have had for more than 2 changes! I’m excited to finish strong and baptize more people before I leave. The area is improving a lot because our stake president, who has been serving as our bishop as well, finally called somebody to be 1st counselor in the ward so the guy will kind of take his place. It’s awesome because he knows the manuals by memory and sticks to the rules so the ward has already seen a lot of changes.

This week on Tuesday I passed the entire night in the bathroom and just got destroyed from something I ate. So the next day I was suppose to do interchanges in another area but didn’t feel good enough to go...I prayed a lot and just sucked it up and went. So just our luck we didn’t make the bus and I had to walk 3 miles while I was sick...It was really hard but I made it the whole day without a problem. While on the way back though my stomach just went insane and I HAD to use the bathroom, the problem was we were literally in the middle of nowhere. So I finally found a house, ask the random little girl to give me newspaper and made it in time. A true miracle, haha, but using month old newspaper for that definitely wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world.

We had a way sweet lesson with Marcela this week teaching her about the Restoration. She is reading the Book of Mormon a lot and told us this week, ‘I’m not really sure why but I really do just feel like this is something good for me.’ It was really cool too because the members are helping us a ton and we went to eat pupusas with the Familia Olmos and the family of Marcela. 

So something I have learned recently is about getting counsel from on high. I was thinking a lot about how I make choices and what impacts the things I do. Obviously receiving revelation from God is very important and that why we need to read the scriptures daily. It’s the best guide we can get. But another huge help that we have are the people all around us, especially the leaders we have. They are the ones that can give us the real counsel we need. They can be the answers to our prayers. I thought about the leaders I had in Priest Quorum and all the help I received from them. It really did change my life. So who should we look to when we need counsel in life? That’s the key. A lot of people can tell you things to do but who are the people that really want the best for your life? That’s what family and church leaders are for. They really want what is best for you. So if you need help, just go talk to them. Explain what problems you have and let them help you receive revelation for your life. That’s part of their job. I just know that God blesses us with family and leaders that love us and are willing to help if we reach out to them!

All I got this week, GTG play some soccer. Love you all. Best be reading your BofM or ill be really disappointed, haha. Until next week!!

Elder Crump

No description came with the pictures this week...

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