Monday, June 6, 2016

Wisdom of the Old...

Mi Amada Familia!!

Looks like it’s time to report on mission life here once again. I literally can’t handle how fast time is going. This past week was a great one and I have learned a lot in my studies about the Priesthood. I picked apart all of D&C 84 and 107 and it made a big impact on me. The Priesthood is such a huge responsibility and blessing in our lives. It’s organization is perfect and the keys really have been restored upon the earth again. I have obtained such a strong testimony of those truths while I have been serving and know that I have the true power of God.

This week we continued to help Marcela progress towards her baptism. She went to mutual, a family home evening and is already working on her Personal Progress, so things are great. We also found two other kids, Kevin and Mauricio that accepted the invitation to be baptized, we just need to get them to church. Hopefully this week we can work some magic and see more miracles with them!

On Friday we went out to a little town that’s like 30 mins from where we live, and there we met a member named Felipe. We had found him in the records of the church and wanted to go see if we could help him go back to church. So to our surprise we find out he was one of the first members in Ahuachapán and started the branch there, but then left the church after a few years. It’s crazy because he is 95 but can still go jogging and do squats and stuff. Probably because he has eaten nothing but corn and beans all his life. But while we were listening to his countless stories that grandpas always have, he said some stuff that really impacted me. He was literally one of the founders of the church in the west side of El Salvador and a true pioneer. Why was it that he didn’t stay in the church though? He didn’t believe in one of the basic doctrines of the church. Revelation. He thought that his ideas where better than the current leader. He thought that things couldn’t change in the organization of the church over time. It really hit me that God needs people here on the earth with priesthood keys so that they can receive revelation for the church. Once we receive that revelation, we MUST follow it. If we don’t understand why, that’s why faith exists. Felipe is a great guy and down right hilarious. But the problem was that he didn’t have the trust in God revealing truths to his servants on earth.

Well that’s all I have time to write. Love you all. Have fun in Italy Mom!!

Elder Crump

Felipe (right) talking with a member that went visiting with the missionaries.

"The baker in our ward that had his birthday. And seeming as though I
eat his bread almost every day, I had to buy him a cake." 

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