Monday, June 20, 2016

Ups and Downs


Well, glad I can write you all another week! Mission life has just become the way of life for me and it’s strange to think time is coming to a close. I have been trying to take advantage of these last days as much as possible and we have been working super hard.

This week we had the baptism of Marcela Choto, which was awesome. Despite the fact that members made fun of her, her Dad didn’t even show up to her baptism and her mom still refuses to go to church, she did it. She reads a ton of the Book of Mormon, does her personal progress and really is one of the most humble people I have known in my time here. I was super happy for her and hope she can achieve everything she hopes in the church. It has also been awesome to work a lot with the family Olmos that are the family that brought Marcela to church. They are converts and everything but already have testimonies so strong and try to share the gospel with everyone.

This week we cleaned up the streets of where we lived.  It’s always great to do service... Everyone passes by and looks at us like, what are you doing? You guys clean streets as well as teach the gospel?? Haha, but It’s nice because then people let us in their house more often because they have seen us working and helping out.

So...besides that, this week was actually pretty hard. We are struggling to find new people and are contacting a ton. My area is rather small and you can cross the whole thing in less than 10 minutes so it’s a little difficult at times. We have found every single young man and priesthood holder in the church directory and are running out of ideas for finding, but hopefully this week we can see some more miracles and find people! I’m just glad I have the chance to work as a servant of God here, even though there are always some rough times!

Love y’all so much!! Until next week!!

Elder Crump

Street Cleanup

Marcela's Baptism

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