Monday, June 13, 2016

It's...Fathers' Day!

Well, to tell you the truth, I’m not sure when Fathers’ Day is up there in the USA, but down here it’s on Friday so HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY DAD!!! It’s impossible to express how proud I am to have a dad like you. I think the greatest way to thank you is by living all the many lessons you have taught me. It’s something I strive to do everyday. It’s one of the coolest things to be able to show all the people I teach a picture of you, Zacho and me at the Conference Center and tell them that my Dad ordained me a deacon, teacher, priest and elder.  So thanks Dad for always being the best example and I love you so much!!

This week was full of interesting stories and experiences. So the first experience of the week was a little update on Kevin and Mauricio, two kids that we have been teaching. So we found them a few weeks ago because we have been trying to reactive their grandpa. They spend the weekend there and live close to our house. This week we were able to put dates with two of them and their sister. But what happened was that we found out the mom has her church records in the church next to ours. So they went to church but we had to pass the reference over to the missionaries in the other ward because they have to be baptized where the mom’s records are. It was rough because in total they are 5 brothers and sisters and all of them want to be baptized, which would have been awesome, but the Lord’s church is a church of order so they will have to get baptized in the other ward. At least we got to play a part in their process of becoming members! 

Marcela continues to do fine and will be baptized this Friday. She asked us on Saturday how many times somebody can go on a mission because she wants to serve a lot of different missions.  So we had to explain that it’s a one time experience! She’s going to be one of the best converts I have had.

This week in sacrament meeting one of the kids that passes the sacrament had to pass the sacrament to his mom, so the lady was sitting right next to me and when her son goes by, she couldn’t take the sacrament because she wasn’t worthy. The kid just looks at his mom and then keeps going...It really hit me having to watch that and it made me realize one of the major problems the people here have. It’s very rare that the parents give good examples to their kids, so the kids end up being the same as their parents and things never change. Having to reject the sacrament from your own son has to be one of the hardest things yet the people continue in the same sins. I just am so grateful for the blessing of having you guys as my family and having parents that really teach by example.

Last cool thing this week is that after we had worked the week and had to pass the reference of Kevin and his family to the other missionaries I felt pretty bad obviously... So we just went down a little path and I guy was standing there, and asks us, ‘Are there Mormon churches in Mexico?’ I told him yes...and asked why? He then tells me the whole story of him and his family.  But they live close to us now and they need to find a church to go to. His wife has a Book of Mormon and listened to the missionaries before. So tomorrow we are going to visit them and see what’s up, but I hope they end up being positive because it would be a true miracle!!

Love you all so much. I know this church is true and that the gospel changes lives. I’m a living example of it!

Pictures: This is a normal El Salvador house in the pic and last week I went to Chalchuapa real fast to eat lunch with Diego and Luis that I baptized a year ago!

Elder Crump

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