Monday, December 28, 2015

Last Christmas in El Salvador

My dearest family... well it was great to see you all on Friday! It’s always so awesome to talk to you all.  And well, Grandpa, it was the best to be able to see you still going strong! You really are the hardest worker I know in this world and one of the best examples I have. Glad I can rep the Crump name out here in El Salvador for you.

So family, this week was a wild one.  We had the Christmas activity as a mission which was great. I got to play some basketball with all my CCM homies and enjoy a Christmas movie. On Christmas I ate chicken and rice about 9 times and will probably die if I eat another chicken leg again within the month. Still trying to figure out how Grandpa Crump would eat 20 or more at KFC, haha.  The rest of the week was pretty normal, we just continued to work and things just keep rollin here in Juayúa. We were able to take new people to church, which is always sweet and hopefully we can finish this week with some baptism dates!

So quick story before I have to go.  A year ago I was in Nahuizalco working and with Elder Guzman.  Anyways, a lady came up to us one day, a less active member, and asked us to come and work a little on her house and call all the missionaries because she needed our help. Elder Guzman didn’t really want to go so we just never called her back.  But when he left there I felt bad and called the lady and told her we would go as a zone to help her with her house, and went. So I never really thought about it again. A year later I go to Nahui last week to do an interview of a kid that is gonna be baptized and guess who it was, the son of this less active lady we had helped out a year ago! She had said that the missionaries had always been really good to her and she had a lot of respect for them so that’s why she would let her son be baptized. She’s like, ’They came and helped me with my house!’ and I’m like, ya, that was me sister, haha! But ya you never know what the consequences of your actions will be! Things like that happen a ton out here and they truly are miracles!

That’s all I’ve got time for but I love you all so much and know this is the work of the Lord! Until next week folks!!

Elder Crump

Matthew with Anna Escobar.  She lives in Juayua and is the aunt of
 Kari Larrabee Rugg's husband Kedar.  Small world!

With Elder Laing on interchanges in Nahuizalco.

With Elder Flores and Salmons who were in Nahuizalco for the temple sealing of a family they baptized a year ago.
They both finished their missions and were Matthew's Zone Leaders in Nahui.  He said it was awesome to see them.

Elder Laing in Nahui.

His MTC buddy, Elder Craig, at the Mission Christmas party.

In downtown Nahui.

The reindeer in Juayua.

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