Monday, January 4, 2016

The Spirit and the Truth

Muy Buenos Días Familia Crump! Que gusto tengo de poder escribirles en este hermosa mañana... Si todos solo pudieran entender español, pues les escribiría así, pero no.... haha well family, it was good to see all your smiling faces on Christmas and especially to see Gpa again! I’m glad to know everything is going well and that everyone is happy and healthy. I’ve gotta say thanks to everyone that wished me Happy Birthday. It really makes a big difference seeing everybody that took the time to wish me a happy day. You guys are awesome. Definitely have the best family and friends in the world!

This week was super crazy out here in Juayúa. With the holidays and stuff, people here in El Salvador get crazy, and on top of all that the festive days for the year are this week and the next week. It’s like the entire city of Juayúa is partying 24/7 and literally nobody is in their houses. You could say it’s a little hard to do some missionary work, haha. But the good thing is that everyone is happy and even though a bit drunk, like to watch movies of Christ and learn more.

So the coolest experience of this week was the following... President Spjut randomly shows up to our house New Year’s Day in the morning to see if we start our studying in time. (Luckily we didn’t have a midnight party and I was already studying) but he came to study and work with us for the morning. Cool stuff. But anyways, after we studied we started a practice for one of the lessons we were gonna teach that day. We were gonna teach the BofM and why it was that the Lord wanted the people here to have it. So President just starts teaching out of the blue and tells my comp to read the very first intro to the BofM, like before the introduction. And started teaching about how God just wants to make the exact same covenants with the people here that he made with them in the past. I don’t know why, because President just explained it normally, and didn’t use great Spanish, but the Spirit just entered the room instantly and my comp started crying. It took me by surprise but I just felt so strongly that what he had just taught was completely true. The BofM was written precisely for that purpose. And I need to help the people here understand what the covenant is. In reality, how we explain things doesn’t matter. If it’s true what we are saying, the Spirit testifies of it. It only depends on whether or not the people want to accept it or not. We just have the responsibility to share the truth, and let the Spirit do the rest.

We were able to find a bunch of new people to teach and hopefully lots of them go to church this week. I love working out here and know that If I’m obedient, I can be an instrument in the Lord’s hands! Love you guys all so much, thanks again for the birthday wishes and keep reading the BofM all day er day!

Elder Crump

A family at a stake activity.

Water fountain at the park in Juayua.

Ready for the stake activity.

Zone Activity

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