Monday, January 18, 2016

Life Lessons

Hey there family! Good to hear from all ya guys and know that the funeral went well. I would have liked to be there but what can ya do! Thats great that the navy was there for the burial and everything. Im sure it was an emotional day. This week we have changes and Ill be staying here in Juayua! My new companion is Elder Alacan from Guate I believe, they are doing the changes really differently now so all the missionarys know who there comp will be before the changes meeting. Ill also be in a trio...yipee haha with elder alberca from peru who is finishing his mission this change. We will be working in two areas and stuff so who knows how thats all gonna go down! Im pumped though!

This week I was thinking a lot about something that happens all too much here in the mission with members. We visit a lot of less actives as missionarys and well, here there are A TON. So anyway this week I was visiting one of them and just talking about all that had happened and why they had stopped going to church. He explained why and for the first time here I actually understood the guy. Like what had happened really was rough, but I told him sorry for what happened but, ya still need to go to church! He doesnt what to still. A couple days later Im visiting an active member and she tells me about things that happened a while ago and how hard it was for her. The two stories were actually pretty similar and I had to admit they were terrible experiences.. The difference though, one is still active in the church, and the other isnt. In the church, we are bound to go through things that make us uncomfortable, or shamed to go to church, but as this lady taught me thats still active. The church is true. Thats all. Thats all we need to know. All the stuff that happens, even if its with church members really doesnt matter. Its just another trail in life. If your bishop does something bad that doesnt make the church bad. Thats just him. So I invite all you guys, if anythings happened in the church to just keep pushin on. Embrace the trials and remember that every single person in the leadership of the church is there for a reason. God called them. So we need to accept them. Just another good life lesson I learned here.

Thats all I have time for so we will see you all next. Ill keep Grandma in my prayers. Love you all and take advantage of the fact that you are members of the only true church upon the face of the earth! Until next week...

Elder Crump

With Familia Campos and Familia Tadeo.

Elder Leiva

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