Monday, February 15, 2016

Do What's Right

Good Morning my fine feathered, furry friends. Checking in here from Juayúa, El Salvador and well, the weather down here is COLD. Or should I say, freezing cold. I thought that would be impossible to say while I am here but Juayúa, being in the mountains, gets super cold for like 3 weeks of the year. I am currently using a sweater and the wind at night just about knocks my socks off. It’s serious stuff. But to be honest I like it, it’s a nice change from the every day heat that is usually here!

So two sweet things happened this week... well kinda three, but I’ll summarize real quick...

First things first, on Monday I had studied a ton about being guided by the spirit and wanted to put it in practice. A lot of times in our area we literally just walk around doing nothing and contacting people because we don’t have anybody to visit. So Monday we decided while visiting to go and visit this girl that is leaving to go on the mission in a few months. I told her that she was going to practice teaching us Lesson 1. So she starts preparing and everything and then the mom, who is a little less active that we had taught some, comes into the room. So I’m like, Karmen, sit down and your daughter is going to teach you lesson one. So they start doing it and the girl did a terrible job and I’m just like, well great.... and Karmen says, ‘Well I wish I knew that what my daughter just taught was true...’ I’m like ‘Say what??? You have 27 years as a member of the church and you don’t have a testimony of Joseph Smith??’ So then I told Dina, ‘Alright teach your mom again but use your testimony this time. Not just words.’ So she shares her testimony and it was so perfect. She and her mom were crying a ton and the spirit was so strong. We starting teaching the mom and told her that even though she had 27 years as member it didn’t matter, she NEEDED a testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel! We taught her a little more and had a kneeling prayer with her. When she said the words, ‘Father, help me to know that all this is true. I need to know if all this is true…’ and bam, silence...Wowzers, was the spirit strong or what! I wanted to jump up in the air and be like, YOU HAVE A TESTIMONY HERMANA KARMEN!!! Haha, but it was quite the experience and it was just for following the spirit and going where he wanted us to go.

Other sweet thing that happened this week was that Sunday comes around and we literally had nothing for the weeks worth of work that we had done. I was super depressed and wanted to just sleep the entire day when Sunday morning came around. So anyway we go to church and well, the Lord blessed us in the end. The other ward that goes to our church building had brought a girl to church, which is our job to teach her (she’s in our area), and now she will be baptized the end of this month! With patience the Lord really does bless us!

Well I’m out of time but I’ll write the rest of the stuff next week! Love you all, keep reading the Book of Mormon every day, don’t ever let your trials get the best of you and be a light to the world! LATER!!

Elder Crump
Sorry, no pictures this week :0( 

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