Monday, February 29, 2016

Completing the Family


Things just keep cruising down here. I’m sweating like none other every day but I feel more satisfied with my work than I have in a very long time. We are finally starting to have success and the area is progressing a lot. In Nahuizalco we walk so, so much and it’s just made me exhausted all the time but well, I love it.

This week we were able to put a date with Bryan, the son of a lady that I baptized a year ago. For an entire year the missionaries had been going there to try and convince him to be baptized, but he just never wanted to. In the ward we baptized a family of four and Bryan went to the baptism. That was the trick and he later accepted the date to be baptized a week from now. We watched the video of Christ getting baptized with him and the Spirit was so strong, so he just knew he had to do it! We were also able to bring 6 people to church this week, the most we have had in a waaay long time, so that was a great relief to have things improve some!

A cool experience from this week... I’m sitting with my comp, eating mangos with the Fam Tadeo, and one of the daughters puts two tiny red chilies in the bowl with the mangos.  So I finished eating my mangos and ask them, ‘Am I suppose to eat this chili or what?’ but nobody answered me.  So then I ask my comp, ‘Dude, did you already eat yours?’  ‘Yup!’ he says.  So I eat the chili whole, with all the seeds and...Wowzers!  I thought my entire head was going to blow up. My entire mouth was soooo red and I thought I was going to die. The Fam Tadeo made milk for me as fast as possible and I’m just sitting there bawling my eyes out because my whole mouth’s on fire. Like 30 minutes later I could finally talk normally and my tongue wasn’t super swollen, but wow! That was a terrible experience. Supposedly the daughter had put it there as a joke, not thinking I would eat it. But seeming as though I just have to eat everything here, I gobbled it right up!

On the spiritual side of things, well I’ll fill you all in next week. I got to go for now! Love you guys!

Elder Crump

Helping the RS sisters do some cooking.

The views from Pushtan are the best.

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