Monday, March 7, 2016

Atiquizaya Here I Come

Ahh...looks like I’m headed to my last area of the mission! I’m going to Manantiales 2, opening area and training a newbie! Its gonna be sweet to have a second son! I am honestly super sad to leave Nahui again. I love this place so much. The culture, the people, and my converts just make it the best place in the world. It really hurts to leave. But at least I had the blessing of coming back here for a few weeks time!

So this week was pretty great, we just worked extremely hard and were able to see a ton of miracles in our area. We were able to put another baptism date for next Saturday with a girl who’s dad we were able to reactivate. He was a member forever ago but started drinking and has had a ton of problems for over ten years. Recently he felt the need to look for God again and well, all of his family aren’t members. The only downside is that I won’t be able to be at her baptism. 

We found a guy in the middle of nowhere on Friday that is a member, inactive for like ten years.  It was funny because we taught him a little, but you could tell he was a little odd. He lives in Pushtán and is like Indian. So anyway he is going to say the prayer to finish and he stands up and comes to us and says ¨Padre Eterno en el nombre de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Dias, bendigame para siempre.¨ So then every time throughout his prayer he would say the name of Jesus Christ, of the Latter Day Saints. All he could remember from the time he was active was that in the church we had renamed Jesus Christ as ¨Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints¨ and he considered it sacred to say the name... so he would just repeat that throughout his entire prayer.  I’m not sure if that made sense but it was super funny and my comp and I just couldn’t hold it in so we bust up laughing while he was praying. I felt bad but it was just hilarious. The things you find in Pushtán are always hysterical.

That’s all I got for now, but life is great. Love the mission. I’m excited to have a change but continue to do the work of the Lord! SALUU PUES!

Love you all!

Elder Crump

Nahuizalco Zone Celebration

A bird randomly attends church...which happens all too often.

Making pupusas with a recent convert.

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