Monday, March 21, 2016

I Know That My Redeemer Lives.

“I know that my redeemer lives, what comfort this sweet sentence gives.” Man, I just love that song so very much.

So this week we had a meeting with Elder Duncan, the area 70 and he taught us a ton of new things to put in practice as missionaries. He is such a spiritually dedicated man and lives the law of consecration perfectly. But at the end of the meeting we watched a slide show of just pictures of the life of Christ, while the song “I know that my redeemer lives” was playing. I just felt the most peaceful feeling in my heart and it was amazing. I just had been so stressed about life and just having that feeling was perfect. This Easter time we have the duty, as members of the church, to testify to everyone around us about the truths we have regarding the Atonement of Christ. So many people have no idea all the doctrine we know, about what Christ did for us, so we just need to share it!

This week while I was on interchanges with Elder Laing, we needed to go visit a lady who just lives with her two daughters but we couldn’t because she was alone. So we went to go find a member to go with us but couldn’t find anyone. We finally found a guy but he is a little... different. We decided to take the risk though and left with him to go visit this lady. We knock on the door of the sister who comes out to say hi to us. Elder Laing whispers to me, I hope he doesn’t do anything crazy! Well, tough luck. The very first thing the guy says when he meets the girl investigator was ¨No wonder you are a little fat, it’s because you are always eating!!¨ hahahaha Elder Laing and I just died. It was like how the heck did that come to his mind!?! The lady was super surprised and just didn’t know what to say. Needless to say, the lesson didn’t go too well but it’s just funny how people are sometimes here.

Other than that, life is good. My son is learning a lot and its fun to teach him. Converts are some of the greatest companions and I am grateful for the chance I have to be with him. He has already taught me a lot.

I always run out of time but, until next time folks. Testify of Christ. It’s a commandment!

Love you all

Elder Crump

Making some pizza with a member in the ward.

A drawing by a missionary - look at it closely...

Hanging out with his "homies".

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